Top 6 Attractions in Mendoza

Located in the western region of Argentina, Mendoza is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.  With a gorgeous backdrop of the Andes Mountain Range always in view and home to some 1200 wineries, Mendoza is not only beautiful but has also developed a reputation as Argentina’s premiere wine country. 

Explore the Vineyards and Mountains of Mendoza

Explore the Vineyards and Mountains of Mendoza

From hiking and sightseeing in the Andes Mountains to horseback riding and biking through vineyards, a trip to Mendoza is sure to be a great experience for all. Below is a list of Say Hueque’s recommended Top 6 Attractions in Mendoza.

Top Attraction in Mendoza: Provincial Aconcagua Park

Found within the beautiful Andean Mountain Range that surrounds Mendoza is Provincial Aconcagua Park.  Ideal for those travelers interested in hiking or mountain climbing, this park boasts the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and because of this draws tourists from all over the world each year. If you think you have what it takes to ascend these peaks, spend a day or two exploring the mountain range. As one of Mendoza’s top attractions, it promises to provide an exciting adventure.                      

The High Andes Tour in Parque Provincial Aconcagua

The High Andes Tour in Parque Provincial Aconcagua

Top Attraction in Mendoza: Horseback Riding

For a great way to explore the mountainous countryside and enjoy the beauty of the Mendoza area, consider signing up for a day of horseback riding. Available through a number of private companies in Mendoza, no previous experience is required to participate. You will be led by guides who will take you on a leisurely ride up some of Mendoza’s hills, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the rolling hills and wineries below. This is a great activity that every type of tourist will enjoy.

Horseback Riding Through Mendoza

Horseback Riding Through Mendoza

Top Attraction in Mendoza: General San Martin Park

Within the city limits of Mendoza you will find General San Martin Park, one of Mendoza’s top attractions. This is anything but your average park, with the 865-acre facility offering a variety of entertaining activities within it.  In addition to the miles of beautiful walkways found inside, General San Martin Park offers a zoo, national science museum, bikes to rent, and even hang-gliding for the adventurous minded visitors. You definitely do not want to miss this top attraction while in Mendoza.

Mendoza's General San Martin Park

Mendoza’s General San Martin Park

Top Attraction in Mendoza: Paramillos Mines (Minas de Paramillos)

An attraction that both history-inclined and adventure-seeking travelers will enjoy is a day trip to the Paramillos Mines. These mines, located in the Andes Mountains, were one of the area’s most attractive features to early explorers seeking to profit from their findings. As one of Mendoza’s top attractions, visitors can arrange to be picked up in central Mendoza where they will drive up the mountains and descend into the mines with an accompanying tour guide. For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, we suggest visiting the Paramillos Mines.

Descending into the Paramillos Mines

Descending into the Paramillos Mines

Top Attraction in Mendoza: Potrerillos Dam

Another popular attraction in Mendoza is the nearby Potrerillos Dam. Offering some of the best sight-seeing opportunities in the area, the views from both the drive to get to the dam and from the dam itself will leave you in awe. Additionally, travelers interested in saving money will be happy to know that visiting the dam is free. Take a day to enjoy the scenery of Mendoza from the Potrerillos Dam and the surrounding lake. You will certainly be glad you visited this top attraction.

The Potrerillos Dam

The Potrerillos Dam

Top Attraction in Mendoza: Riding Bikes Through the Vineyards

A visit to Mendoza is not complete until you have visited the vineyards and wineries that give the city its reputation. For an opportune way to explore the vast lands of Argentina’s wine country, consider renting bikes for the day. Primarily located outside the main part of the city, these vineyards are connected by quiet back roads, ideal for a peaceful bike ride. Without a doubt, bike riding through the beautiful vineyards is one of the top things to do in Mendoza and is certainly something you do not want to miss out on while you’re there.

Biking through Mendoza's Bodegas

Biking through Mendoza’s Bodegas

As one of Argentina’s most visited places, Mendoza is sure to provide an excellent adventure for you. Although there are numerous activities and attractions to choose from when crafting your itinerary, Say Hueque’s six recommended top attractions will not leave you disappointed.

Mendoza's Beauty Awaits You

Mendoza’s Beauty Awaits You

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Written by Will Collier

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