Tips For Women Solo Travelers in Argentina and Chile

Are you excited for your first solo trip to South America? This guide is design for Women solo Travelers and we hope you find it useful!

The thrill of travelling alone is incomparable. It is a squabble-free trip where you are your own boss. You do not have to worry about bickering matches with siblings, parents leading the way or friends pressuring you into trying trendy things.


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In some parts of the world, travelling alone as a woman, can be quite challenging. You always have the male gaze trailing behind you. Especially on the cobbled streets of Argentina and Chile, these places are famous for notorious men who like watching your every move!

Apart from that, you are also labeled as an easy target for petty crimes and assaults.

Does this mean you drop your plans? No. It just means that you have to be more cautious and careful than you’d be if you were travelling with company.

Here are some safety tips to follow when you fly solo:


The Baggage


Sleazy ogling men aren’t your only concern in the streets of South America. You need to be wary of pickpockets and muggers.

This is why while packing up your suitcase you should:

  • Travel light. You don’t want to be weighed down due to a heavy luggage.
  • When in Rome do as Romans do. Petty criminals usually target the tourists; you may be able to fool them by dressing like a local.
  • Always carry photocopies of your passport and other important documents. You never know when you face an emergency during your itinerary.
  • Kind of cliché but pepper sprays and maces can actually save your life.



Keep Your Guard On


You will often bump into friendly strangers on your walks around the block. There is no harm in befriending them but be wary of who you trust and how much you tell them. In other words remember the grade school lesson: Stranger Danger!

  • Never tell inquisitive strangers that you are alone. You can tell them that you are waiting for a friend or that your family split up before lunch.
  • Always ride a radio cab when commuting. These cabs are registered and safer than the local taxi.
  • Avoid walking in dim-lit areas and quiet alleys. Dark remote places are the home grounds for petty criminals.
  • At bars and restaurants, you can put it on the seat opposite you to give the impression that you are with someone. On the bus or coach keep your bag or coat on the window seat and sit in the outside seat. This gives others the signal that you don’t want anyone sitting beside you.


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The Deflector


The male gaze and their testosterone-minded acts are the primary reason many women prefer travelling in packs. However, you can deflect these catcallers by keeping calm and carrying on.

You can also:

  • Wear sunglasses to avoid eye-contact
  • Wear a wedding ring to imply that you are taken and cared for.
  • Wear confidence like a shield.



There may be no foolproof way to avoid them but these tips can prevent the worst-case scenarios from happening. This is why keep them in mind whenever you step into foreign shores.

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Bon Voyage!


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