Tips for Your Trip to Iguazu Falls: What to Bring

As most know, at Iguazú Falls there’s always the chance of getting wet! Because of this, there’s some preparation needed before your trip to Iguazu Falls, because it can be an unpredictable experience. With the spray of the falls spread and being up close and personal with the falls if you take the boat rides, (Great Adventure or Nautical Adventure) we give you some tips for the things you can’t forget while you’re packing.

DO Bring:

  • Comfortable shoes: You are going to walk for a long time in slippery areas so you need proper shoes; if you have some sandals bring them, too! If you choose to take a boat ride, you have the chance to take them off once you are in the boat (you will receive a waterproof bag to save your purse, camera, etc).

Whether they're tennis shoes or hiking boots, make sure they're comfortable!

Whether they’re tennis shoes or hiking boots, make sure they’re comfortable!

  • A rain jacket or an umbrella is always useful. Keep in mind that it rains in Iguazú every two or three days (sometimes it is just a drizzle and other days, heavy rain)

Trip to Iguazu Falls: What to Bring

  • Remember to pack your sunblock (45 or 60 protection), sunglasses and maybe a hat. The paths are a bit protected by the forest, but you will be exposed to the sun for 60% of your walk.  For this reason, is always better to start early in the day as the sun becomes stronger and hotter closer to midday.

Trip to Iguazu Falls: What to Bring

  • As it is easy to get the natural shower of the falls- a towel can be useful (the truth is in spring and summer the heat dries you off very quickly, but perhaps you will need to refresh several times during the walk).

Trip to Iguazu Falls: What to Bring

  • Don’t forget bug repellent! Although most of the mosquitoes appear in the afternoon, you can also get some bites during the rest of the day.

Trip to Iguazu Falls: What to Bring

With all these things in your bag, your trip to Iguazu Falls will be memorable without any pesky interferences!


Written by Constanza Mainero

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