• El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia

    4 Things to do in Calafate

    Although there is not a single route that is better than others when traveling through Patagonia, many visitors begin their Patagonian expedition in El Calafate, which is located in the northern part of Patagonia. For this reason, El Calafate has earned itself the title of  ‘Gateway to Patagonia.’  Though don’t let this moniker fool you; Calafate is much more than just a gateway. Rather, the village of Calafate is surrounded by Read more
  • El Calafate Perito Moreno Glacier Argentina Glaciers Argentina

    Perito Moreno & Viedma: Famous Argentina Glaciers

    Spring is in the air and the glacial lakes are warming up in the icy region of pretty Patagonia. This spring/summer is the perfect time to travel to Patagonia and explore the incredible national parks in the south-western tip of the country, where you can see the impressive Argentina glaciers. Argentina is home to over 300 glacier parks and is the perfect place for Patagonia trekking if mountain climbing and stunning glacial views tickle your Read more
  • Travel to Argentina: We have It All Argentina

    Travel to Argentina: We have It All

    So you’re thinking of your next trip, trying to decide if you want beach, mountains, desert, romantic, family-friendly, the list goes on. Well what if I told you that Argentina has it all? But really, if there’s one thing this country can boast about, it’s its variety. Argentina has a bit of every climate, a bit of every scenery and a melting pot of diversity. So where do you go depending on what you want? Where to start? Here’s the Read more
  • El Calafate Tours: What to Do Besides Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia

    El Calafate Tours: What to Do Besides Perito Moreno Glacier

    El Calafate is a famous Patagonian destination known for the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier. But what else is there? Check out these El Calafate tours that will give you more options to do once you’ve seen the glacier. DISCOVERY: Upsala Glacier + Estancia Cristina + 4x4 Upsala Viewpoints + Museum The excursion begins early in the morning; the bus will pick you up from your hotel and will take you up to the National Park Los Glaciares Read more
  • Escalada-Hielo Patagonia Tours Patagonia

    Top 3 Patagonia Excursions in Argentina

    Immense, breathtaking, peaceful and sometimes absolutely unbelievable: Patagonia is definitely one of the best places in the world to blend with nature, live an adventure and reconnect with one’s self. Its territory has an extension of more than one thousand square kilometers that occupy both Chile and Argentina, which are divided by the Andes Mountains. If your pick is the Argentine side, here are three Patagonia excursions you should Read more
  • Destinations in Argentina for Kayaking Argentina

    Top 3 Destinations in Argentina for Kayaking

    A surface area of near 2.8 million square kilometers allows Argentina to be a more than an appealing destination for ANY kind of traveler, as it’s almost impossible for someone not to find a place to do something that they love or experience a new adventure. It goes without saying that the country’s great variety of wildlife, landscapes and weather make it the perfect spot for outdoor activities and sports. Among them there is one that Read more
  • Perito Moreno Glacier Guide Patagonia

    Recommendations for Seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier

    Good ol’ Perito Moreno Glacier: one of Patagonia’s most famous attractions and a place to lose yourself in nature’s beauty. Trust me when I say you don’t want anything to ruin this day for you, so we’ve got some tips from commonly made mistakes. So learn from the mishaps of other (less-fortunate) travelers who didn’t have this incredible, life-changing guide and make this day the best! First things first: To see the glacier, you Read more
  • Patagonia Kayak in Upsala Channel 2 News

    New Patagonia Kayak Opportunity: Upsala Kayak Experience

    The Upsala Glacier is one of the most important glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park and the second biggest in Argentina. With a surface area of approximately 850 square meters and reaching a height of over 60 meters above the level of the surrounding lake, its huge size is only part of the reason it is famous. What makes this glacier even more special is that it was previously only visible by way of a boat navigation through the Read more
  • Hidden Glacier Excursion Patagonia

    A Unique Horseback Excursion to the Hidden Glaciers in Patagonia

    Everyone loves the idea of seeing something hidden. Something out of the ordinary, hidden from normal sight is always intriguing and is a treat to either stumble upon or seek out. Closed-door restaurants, underground concerts, secret bars…you get the idea; who doesn’t love finding something hidden to the public? Now, a trip to see glaciers in Patagonia sounds pretty spectacular, so is it possible to make something like this more special? Read more
  • When flying into the El Calafate airport, you'll have beautiful views of the Patagonian steppe Patagonia

    El Calafate Airport

    Heading down south for the winter? Southern Argentina, that is! Most likely, if you are heading off for your adventure in the Patagonia region of Argentina, your journey might be getting started in El Calafate. El Calafate is the perfect starting point to explore the glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and winter sports that Patagonia has to offer. Since it is a considerably long bus ride from Buenos Aires, most visitors fly into the El Read more
  • Perito Moreno Glacier Guide Argentina

    Express Vacation in Argentina

    When planning an international trip with a limited amount of time to fit in everything you want to see and do, picking and choosing the top destinations can be difficult. Express vacations allow you to take a short time, say a few days or a week, off of work or school and enjoy a short vacation. The problem is, how do you fit it all in? [caption id="attachment_2689" align="aligncenter" width="800"] The mechanical flower in Buenos Aires is Read more
  • Express Vacation Patagonia Patagonia

    Express Vacation in Patagonia

    Argentina’s Patagonia region is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. With glaciers, snow-capped mountains and unique arctic wildlife, who wouldn’t be interested in seeing Patagonia for themselves? While many choose to spend a week or more here, hiking and exploring the region in depth, it is not necessary to have this much time. Patagonia is a destination that will be great no matter the length of your stay! If Read more