• kids

    4 Family Trip Ideas in South America

    When the kids are out of school, it is the perfect time for your family to reconnect and discover an incredible part of the world during your annual family vacation. Instead of road tripping or heading to the beach, consider heading to South America for the adventure of a lifetime. There are so many things to see in do in this region of the world that we couldn’t help, but write about a few of our favorites: [caption Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    3 Top Destinations in Uruguay

    If you're staying in Buenos Aires, you may want to schedule in a little time to visit Uruguay, Argentina's neighboring country across the river.  Uruguay provides a great escape for the busy hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and can be the perfect pit stop of any South American vacation. We wrote about three of our top destinations in Uruguay if you were interested in adding another country to travel to in South America. [caption Read more
  • Other Destinations

    How to Spend a Day in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

    Your trip to Uruguay will never be complete unless you visit the beautiful city of Colonia del Sacramento. Colonia is one of the oldest towns of Uruguay and is a former Portuguese colony. If you have a desire to escape big city life, this is the perfect place to visit. If you are in Buenos Aries, Argentina and you are wondering if you can actually take a trip to Uruguay from here, you will be pleased to know that it takes under an hour to reach Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    Day Trips From Buenos Aires

    Only have enough time in Argentina to visit Buenos Aires but looking for a quick getaway from the city? Lucky for you, there are many day trips from Buenos Aires to nearby towns that can give you a small taste of country life. Although trips to cities like Mendoza, Bariloche, and Iguazu require a few days commitment, there are many shorter trips outside of the capital that can be accomplished in just one day. Here are a few suggestions of quick Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    Travel From Buenos Aires to Uruguay

    As if visiting Buenos Aires isn't enough fun, it's also very easy to explore the world around it. There is so much to do in and around Buenos Aires that you wouldn't have to be bored if you stayed for months. However, if you're not content with just seeing one city, it is easy to travel to other parts of the country, or to Uruguay. Buenos Aires acts as the central point for all domestic and international travel in and to Argentina. Buenos Read more