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    How to Spend 24 Hours in Buenos Aires

    With a combination of Latin flair, European influence, elegant boulevards and gritty backstreets, Argentina’s capital city is worth more than 24 hours of your time - but we know that isn't always the case. Whether you find yourself in town for a short stay, during a layover, or squeezing in a little "bleisure" travel, we're here to share some recommendations and explain how to spend 24 hours in Buenos Aires. Of course, our local travel Read more
  • In places like the San Telmo Street Fair, you will often find large crowds Buenos Aires

    What to Wear in Buenos Aires

    If you are planning to travel in Buenos Aires, it is good to have some suggestions on what locals wear, what you will be most comfortable in, and an expectation of climate during your trip to pack accordingly. In Argentina, clothing might be very different from what you’re used to at home, which is why it is so important to think ahead about what to wear in Buenos Aires. In general, Porteños are fairly fancy dressers, with a love of Read more
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    Top Buenos Aires Outdoor Markets

    It’s been said that no trip to Argentina is truly complete without taking time to explore the top Buenos Aires outdoor markets. Whether it’s gorgeous leather products, hand-crafted jewelry, or exquisite food that you’re in search of, our guide to the best fairs and outdoor markets in Buenos Aires will keep you on track when shopping so that you can avoid the tourist-traps that can sometimes put a damper on your Argentina Read more
  • Travel to Buenos Aires: Common Tourist Mistakes Buenos Aires

    Travel to Buenos Aires: Common Tourist Mistakes

    Whether it's your first time in South America or not, there are certain things that one should be aware of. Traveling, as exhilarating as it can be, has some unwritten rules to follow if you want a smooth, safe and enjoyable trip. There are certain unwritten rules that should be followed specifically when you travel to Buenos Aires. Some subjects you shouldn't talk about, some things you shouldn't show in the street, the list goes on. Don't Read more
  • Travel to Buenos Aires: Top Free Things to Do Buenos Aires

    Travel to Buenos Aires: Top Free Things to Do

    Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, enjoy the arts or the outdoors; Buenos Aires has something to offer. Even better, many sights and activities are free! When you travel to Buenos Aires you’ll see that it’s not possible to be bored in this vibrant city. In Buenos Aires there’s always something to do, and it’s a city that proves that having fun can definitely be free. If you’re a nature lover planning to travel to Buenos Read more
  • Travel to Buenos Aires: Things to Do That Most Tourists Don’t Know About Buenos Aires

    Travel to Buenos Aires: Things to Do That Most Tourists Don’t Know About

    If you travel to Buenos Aires and have researched even a small amount, you'll realize that the list of famous attractions is a long one! And while each of these attractions deserve the fame and attention from travelers, here's some other things that are also worth checking out. Get out your map, it's time to explore! Chacarita Cemetery Although it’s much larger than the well-known cemetery in Recoleta, it’s not as famous, despite being Read more
  • How to Charm the Locals on Your Trip to Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

    How to Charm the Locals on Your Trip to Buenos Aires

    It’s no secret that Argentines are usually very friendly, very open people; they love to laugh, stay up late and enjoy the company of others. When foreigners come to Argentina for an extended amount of time, they usually leave claiming that they value their relationships more after seeing how passionately Argentines appreciate one another. Here, friendship is forever. So if you’re looking to make an Argie friend on your trip to Buenos Aires, Read more
  • Travel to Buenos Aires: Unique Ways it will steal Your Heart Buenos Aires

    Travel to Buenos Aires: 5 Unique Ways the City Will Steal Your Heart

    There are several stereotypes that give Argentina its reputation: the European feel, sizzling steak, friendly locals, world-famous wine that's cheaper than water and never-sleeping nightlife. But you guys probably know all that already. Travel to Buenos Aires and experience these unique ways the city will steal your heart. Hand Gestures Have you ever noticed how much Argentines use their hands when telling a story, greeting you or making Read more
  • Abnormal Things You'll See in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

    5 Abnormal Things You’ll See in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a funny city. It’s true. Sometimes you can’t help but scratch your head by what you see, such as people going around trying to sell you socks in the park. Like, out of all things to sell, why socks?! Some things will make your lips turn upward in a smile, like when a man lugs a majestic harp bigger than himself onto the subway to perform. The chaotic beauty of Buenos Aires is a delicate balance. Here are some things you’ll Read more
  • Shopping in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

    Where To Go Shopping In Buenos Aires

    Cosmopolitan, European and stylish are all words used to describe Buenos Aires. The shopping in Buenos Aires perfectly matches those words, and if you have an itch to pick up some trendy clothes or products or simply window shop, we have the places for you. There’s an abundance of high-quality, posh stores but also places with prices that are much more economical. In Argentina, they malls are called shoppings, so buckle down while we Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Travel to Argentina Buenos Aires

    Top Buenos Aires Milongas

    The art and passion of tango lives in the spirit of Argentina, and some say that a trip to Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without some type of tango interaction. Even if you don’t know how to tango (or dance in general), there are still places where you can relax, take a class and join if you like. We’re giving you our favorite milongas in Buenos Aires, unknown and known. Los Laureles – Avenida Iriarte 2290 This is a very old Read more