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    Argentina Exchange Rate & the End of the Argentina Blue Dollar

    In recent years, travelers and locals alike have struggled to navigate the complicated system for exchanging the Argentine peso for foreign currency. The legal restrictions on how much money was exchanged and at what rate led to the creation of a parallel, black market exchange rate, known as the Argentina Blue Dollar. Travelers could take advantage of this parallel rate by bringing their foreign currency in cash and changing it in unofficial Read more
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    5 Things You Need To Know Before Your Trip to Argentina

    Please note that there have been recent changes to policies regarding the Argentina reciprocity fee, the Argentine Peso, and the Argentina Blue Dollar. Please refer to this post for up to date information on the reciprocity fee and this post for current information on the Argentina exchange rate. Whether it’s a 3-day flashpack or a two-week stay, whether you’ll be in hostels or five-star luxury hotels,  whether you’re Read more
  • Bringing cash in currencies like US Dollars or Euros to Argentina can make your trip more affordable Argentina

    Argentina Blue Dollar vs Official Argentina Exchange Rate

    Please note that as of 2016, customs regarding the Argentine Peso and the Argentina Blue Dollar have changed dramatically. Please refer to this post for up to date information. You may have heard about the different exchange rates for the Argentine peso while planning your trip to Argentina. (more…) Read more