• Travel by Bus in Argentina Iguazu

    So You Want to Take a Bus to Iguazu Falls?

    Long-distance buses have long been the friends of backpackers and low-budget travelers. It's a simple concept: board the bus at night, sleep (hopefully) until morning, and hop off at your new destination. The main advantage of traveling by bus is the cheaper cost. The drawbacks? The time and those horrible, uncomfortable seats. Fortunately, long-distance bus travel is a very common form of Argentina transportation, and most buses are equipped Read more
  • Argentina

    New Airlines Routes to Argentina

    Being the eight largest country in the world, Argentina has undoubtedly a wide variety of promising tourist attractions to offer. Those who visit the country will always be left craving for more no matter how elaborate their tour might have been. From its graceful architecture, appetite-gratifying steaks, enchanting wines and tango, to a game of soccer, heavenly nature’s spots and several World Heritage sites, you can rest assured that Read more
  • Safety Tips Retiro Bus Station Buenos Aires Argentina Buenos Aires

    Safety Tips Retiro Bus Station Buenos Aires

    Traveling in South America can be an amazing experience and there is no country quite like Argentina. With beautiful vineyards, Patagonia's glaciers, Iguazu Falls and much more, there is plenty to see. However, when traveling, it is important to take some precautions and safety tips in mind, especially when taking buses from the Retiro Bus Station in downtown Buenos Aires. Please be extra-careful when you are at Buenos Aires' Retiro Bus Station Read more
  • Top Tropical Vacations: Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the single most visited city in the entire southern hemisphere. Besides the perfect weather, beaches and rich culture, it has so much to offer anyone coming through the marvelous city. [caption id="attachment_8904" align="aligncenter" width="4928"] Explore the beautiful landscapes of this amazing city![/caption] If you are in Buenos Aires for an extended period of time, you should definitely try to make your way Read more
  • Getting to Torres del Paine via Puerto Natales Airport Patagonia

    Getting to Torres del Paine: New Puerto Natales Airport

    As anyone who has ever traveled to Patagonia will tell you, one of the hardest parts of planning the trip is figuring out how to get from one place to the other. In Patagonia, distances are long, airports are few, and there are so many incredible places to see in far too little time. Fortunately, for those wondering about getting to Torres del Paine, a new regional airport is opening to commercial flights, which will reduce travel time from Read more
  • Mendoza vacations photo Mendoza

    Planning Mendoza Vacations during the 2016 Airport Closure

    Get all the information you need to plan your Mendoza vacations during the September - December 2016 Mendoza Airport closure.  Mendoza, heart of the wine region in Argentina, home to some of the most spectacular Andean landscapes, exotic thermal mountain spas and an exhilarating extreme sports hub, is all suddenly more difficult to access during Argentina's spring/summer months. Unfortunately, the Mendoza airport is set for a Read more
  • Argentina

    3 Advantages to Taking Buses in Argentina

    You might be over the bus days, remembering back when you were 19 backpacking your way through countries by bumpy, bouncy, cramped buses. Whether or not they were fond memories, buses don’t have the best reputation when it comes to long-haul travels. But regardless of what you’ve experienced abroad or even here South America, Argentina promises you a different story. You’ll be whistling a new tune once you step onto the long-distance Read more
  • Argentina

    5 Things You Need To Know Before Your Trip to Argentina

    Please note that there have been recent changes to policies regarding the Argentina reciprocity fee, the Argentine Peso, and the Argentina Blue Dollar. Please refer to this post for up to date information on the reciprocity fee and this post for current information on the Argentina exchange rate. Whether it’s a 3-day flashpack or a two-week stay, whether you’ll be in hostels or five-star luxury hotels, Read more
  • Argentina

    Argentina: Travel Like a Local in 5 Steps

    There always seems to be a big difference between tourists who simply visit a new country and those who travel like a local. While there is nothing wrong with visiting a new place and playing tourist, there is something more profound and rewarding about getting to know a new culture from the inside out. When you travel like a local, you get to know people, places, customs  and culture from a whole new perspective. You are not Read more
  • Patagonia

    El Calafate Airport

    Heading down south for the winter? Southern Argentina, that is! Most likely, if you are heading off for your adventure in the Patagonia region of Argentina, your journey might be getting started in El Calafate. El Calafate is the perfect starting point to explore the glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and winter sports that Patagonia has to offer. Since it is a considerably long bus ride from Buenos Aires, most visitors Read more
  • Mendoza

    Mendoza Airport

    Welcome to Argentina's Wine Country! Luckily for visitors to the home of Malbec, Mendoza has its own small international airport. Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport is better known as El Plumerillo International Airport with the airport code of MDZ. The Mendoza airport is located 8 kilometers outside of Mendoza city and covers 1,200 acres of territory. [caption id="attachment_6124" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Welcome to Read more
  • Patagonia

    Bariloche Airport

    Welcome to Bariloche, home of limitless lakes, mountains, and the natural beauty of Argentina. Bariloche is conveniently located in the Rio Negro Province, less than a two hour flight from Buenos Aires. If you are travelling to Bariloche by plane (which is usually preferred to the 24 hour bus journey) you will be landing at the San Carlos de Bariloche Airport. (more…) Read more