Argentine Culture – Region of Salta

Getting to know the Argentine Culture is a big part of your trip to Argentina. However, since Argentina is such a big country, there are big differences between the different regions. When you visit Salta, and you want to get to get more into the culture than just your casual encounter with Argentines on the street, a traditional peña might be interesting for you.

Illuminated Catedral de Salta at Night

Illuminated Catedral de Salta at Night

In the city of Salta, the evenings offer traditional peñas at La Vieja Estacion along Balcarce Street, which are a real treat. A traditional peña consists of live music and dance that represents the local culture and history of the region. The live band and performers take the stage as visitors sit down for dinner. These shows are not just popular for tourists, there are many locals who attend, so you might find yourself surrounded by Argentines. The traditional dinner includes savory meat empanadas, an unbelievably tender (and huge) cut of steak, a fresh green salad and a bottle of the local Malbec for good measure.

A typical steak cooked to the temperature of 'jugoso'

Get a litteral taste of the Argentine Culture through a delicious steak!

During the dinner, the outstanding performers displayed their skills and even invited some lucky ladies on stage to learn the dance moves and feel the rhythm. After an entertaining meal and some sweet flan for dessert, the peña concludes, locals go home, and tourists generally return to their hotels.

Now that you’ve gotten to know more of the Argentine Culture you’ll have a great story to entertain your friends and family with. Book your trip to Salta on the website of Say Hueque!

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