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An Argentina family vacation is sure to be full of memories that will last a lifetime. Our cities and natural attractions are surprisingly family-friendly, something that many parents learn as they start planning their trip. Buenos Aires, for example, is full of cultural opportunities for your kids to experiences, whereas a trip into the Iguazu Falls National Park boasts plenty of places for your kids to explore Argentina’s natural beauty.

At Say Hueque, we recognize that travelling with young children can be stressful so we do our best to help simplify your Argentina family vacation. No matter what age your children are or what stage of trip planning you’re at, these parent-approved travel tips will help make your vacation more enjoyable.

Remember that the simplest trips are the most enjoyable

When planning an Argentina family vacation, a great rule to remember is that some of the best trips are the simplest, or those without too many logistics to plan and organize. Of course, flexibility is always key in vacations with your children. Your itinerary doesn’t have to be crammed with activities….appreciate what you are able to see and do, and know that these are special memories that will last for a lifetime! Our carefully created family trips are a balance of exciting sightseeing, but also quiet moments for you to bond with your kids.

Choose attractions that will please everyone

This may sound like a tall order – finding places to visit that will keep everyone entertained – but in Argentina, it’s actually quite easy. The MALBA, arguably Buenos Aires’ best museum, offers fun workshops for kids where they can make their own works of art. Until March of 2016, for example, MABLA offered a program called 10 obras para ver en familia, a selection of 10 pieces from their permanent collection for the whole family to enjoy. Iguazu Falls is always a family-favorite, with wildlife viewing, thrilling boat rides and stroller-friendly pathways.

Do your research before boarding the plane

You’ve bought your plane ticket, booked your excursions and have started packing…but how much research have you done on Argentina’s customs, currencies and cuisine? If this is your first Argentina family vacation, you may not be familiar with our traditions and laws, and it’s important to take the time to learn so you don’t run into any difficulties. For example, did you know that for citizens of certain countries, there is a Reciprocity Fee that must be paid before you leave home? Have you learned simple phrases, such as please and thank you?

To make planning your Argentina family vacation even easier, check out our blog, full of tips on travelling with toddlers and young children, download our free travel guides, and don’t forget to check out all of Say Hueque’s family trips!

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