Independence Day: 4th of July vs 9th of July

Parades, parties and patriotism—three common words that come into our minds when we think of the Independence Day!  America and Argentine may share the same month to celebrate this big day but they do it in different styles.

United States Flag vs Argentinean Flag

Let’s take a look at the three traditions that make their celebrations different:

1. Family Affair vs.  Communal Gatherings


Argentines are big on families. Independence Day for most of them means a family reunion.  They prefer to celebrate the day, in a warm cozy gathering, inside the house or on the patio.

Argentinean Family Celebrating

Whereas, in America, neighborhood block parties and communal picnics usually sprout up around the country. Family and friends gather together to take part in summer activities like eating competitions, pool-side parties and baseball to celebrate the day.

Independence Day Celabrations

2. Culture vs. Casual


Since, the Argentines usually have family reunions it is the perfect opportunity to cook up those traditional family recipes.  Like hot spicy empanadas, a warm corny stew Locro. They gulp down the delicious food with a glass of Malbec wine and end the lunch with sweet pastelitos and chocolate dipped churos.

Traditional Argentinean Food For Independence Day

The Americans like to keep things very casual.  They are usually seen party hopping or picnicking with hamburgers, hot dogs and corn in the cob. They pair the summer favorites with ice-cream and lemonades.

Traditional Fourth of July Food

3. The Streets:

The streets of major cities in both countries are packed with parades. While the Argentines like to wear their traditional clothes while marching down the streets. The Americans may only follow the red, blue and white color theme. Unless in the capital where military parades you see men decked in red with white wigs on keeping the festivities old school.

The night sky in Argentine might be sparkling with stars but in America it is filled with sparks and pops of the splendid firework shows across the country.

The way these countries celebrate their independence day may be different but the feeling of joy and pride in every countryman’s heart is universal on such a day.

 How do you celebrate your Independence Day?

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