New Flights to Argentina

Being the eight largest country in the world, Argentina has undoubtedly a wide variety of promising tourist attractions to offer. Those who visit the country will always be left craving for more no matter how elaborate their tour might have been.

Looking for New flights to Argentina? From its graceful architecture, appetite-gratifying steaks, enchanting wines and tango, to a game of soccer, heavenly nature’s spots and several World Heritage sites, you can rest assured that you’ll neither be disappointed nor bored should you book a flight to Argentina.




Did I just say book a flight to Argentina?

Oopss..!! Now that might be a pain in the neck.

Despite its beautiful offerings, Argentina is a bit notorious for its flights. To say the least, flying to Argentina can be quite frustrating. While airlines in some countries don’t have a direct route to the country, others that do, usually can be too crowded.

However, times are changing. There’s no need to worry as more as new flights are being introduced to the country. Following are some airlines creating new passages into Argentina.





By the end of last year, new routes were opened as the international airline Edelweiss was authorized by the Ministry of Transport of Argentina to operate flights from Zurich, Switzerland to Buenos Aires.

This may seem like small news, but the people in Switzerland are sure to have been delighted, since till then, no Swiss company, either private or public, had ever flown to Argentina.

TAP Air Portugal

According to recent announcements at an event held at Portugal’s Embassy in Buenos Aires, another new route is scheduled to be opened by Portugal’s flag-carrier TAP Air Portugal. This route aims to connect the European country to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The first flight is earmarked in the year 2019, as the airline has to begin a long-haul renovation of its fleet first.

Air New Zealand

Whether you are in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Queenstown, you can be sure to find a really affordable flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina, or vice versa from Argentina. This airline is dedicated to offer you a safe and happy travel to Buenos Aires from the comfort of several cities.

Air Canada

Amongst the biggest airlines flying to Buenos Aires, Air Canada leads the way. Be it Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or any other city, you are almost guaranteed to find an Air Canada flight to Argentina. However, the airline is now expanding its winter service too by introducing non-stop service to Buenos Aires. The airline was so far operating a route via Toronto – Santiago de Chile – Buenos Aires but owing to the strength on these routes, has now decided to fly separately, nonstop.




New airways to Argentina are opening all around. Which one are you taking?

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