Buenos Aires Day Trip: Visit La Cinacina Estancia

For a great escape from the bustling city of Buenos Aires, a visit to one of the classic Argentina Estancias is a perfect addition to every itinerary. This Buenos Aires day trip takes you out of the city to experience the culture of the Argentine countryside and ranches in the town of San Antonio de Areco. A tour of the town will give you a taste of the history and culture of the Argentine Pampas region before you arrive at your final destination: La Cinacina ranch. 

This Buenos Aires Ranch gives you the real tradition experience

This Buenos Aires ranch gives you the traditional experience of the Argentine Pampas

During the journey, the guide will introduce you to various topics of interest regarding Argentine culture and history. Once you arrive to San Antonio de Areco, you can explore the streets of the town, the Main Square, the Old Bridge, and other historical sites. You will also have the chance to see the work of the most outstanding silversmiths in the Rio de La Plata region. Finally, we arrive to one of the region’s most popular Argentina estancias, La Cinacina. This ranch is located only about 500 meters from the town’s historical sites, and it maintains the traditional charm of the historic estancias of the Argentine Pampas region.

A typical argentine Gaucho

A typical Argentine Gaucho

A visit to La Cinacina primarily revolves around food, horses, and dancing. Upon arrival, guests are invited to try empanadas (meat-stuffed pastries), salami, home-made bread and drinks. Afterward, you can take a guided horse back riding tour or carriage ride around the grounds. Once you’ve explored the ranch, it’s time to continue eating, with an appetizer of matambre and other cold cuts. Lunch, a traditional Argentine asado, is served around one o’clock. The asado is essentially a barbecue that includes a number of different meats, including chorizo, morcilla, asado al asador, vacío al asador, and costillar. Don’t forget to save room for dessert and coffee after the meal! During lunch there is a folk music and dance show, where the guests can participate singing and dancing.

Once everyone has finished eating, the horse riders put on a a show for the guests, showing off their skills of handling their horses. You will also have the chance to explore the different buildings that make up La Cinacina Estancia. Visit the beautiful main house, the ermita (the local chapel), the pulpería (a saloon and general store), the stables, and more. Finally, before heading back to Buenos Aires, you will be served a traditional hot drink (mate) with some sweet stuffed pastries (pastelitos).

A visit to La Cinacina is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and explore the countryside culture of the Argentine PampasFor further information about visiting La Cinacina and for other tours in Buenos Aires and Argentina, contact local tour operator Say Hueque.

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