The Argentine Pizza Frank Sinatra felt in love with

Looking for Argentina food information and the best way to satisfy your hungry soul?  In Buenos Aires there are more pizzerias per capita than any other city in the world—our Italian blood is to blame for sure! The Argentine pizza has a unique and strong personality. It’s overflowing cheesy style has nothing to do with its Italian cousin. Why both flour relatives grew up differently? There is a historic reason. At the time of the Great Immigration when the Argentine population became half Italian, half Spanish, Italian went crazy to see the Argentinian’s abundance of food! They were used to the war’s scarcity, but once in Argentina, they started covering their pizzas with tons of mozzarella, tomato sauce and every ingredient they could find. The result: Argentina’s delicious thick crusted cheesy pizza.


Though Argentine gastronomy is famous worldwide for their juicy beef from the green-tinted fields of La Pampa, few people know that you can not leave Buenos Aires without having a slice of “Muzza” (Mozzarella Pizza) or “Napo” (Napolitana Pizza: mozzarella and fresh tomato slices). The good news is that you don’t need to go downtown (to “Banchero” or “Güerrin”, two iconic pizzerias in Corrientes Av.) to try this popular Argentine dish. In Palermo neighborhood (where most travelers choose to stay in Buenos Aires) a special place awaits you with the best local pizza and fabled stories of the city.


Ten minutes walking from Plaza Serrano Square (the core of Palermo Soho) sits “Angelin”, one of the most historic pizza restaurants of Buenos Aires. It’s owners (3rd and 4th generation) and their team have been kneading their way to their client’s happiness for more than 80 years. In 1981 the American singer Frank Sinatra came to Buenos Aires and wanted to try Angelin’s famous pizza. He asked the owners to close for a private dinner but they refused. The result: they sent Frank Sinatra some pizzas to the super fancy hotel he was staying at. The end of this story is something you can still enjoy if you go to Angelin’s pizza place: an autographed photo by Frank for the Angelin’s team and its finger-licking pizza.

At Angelin’s what you must try is the pizza de Cancha (literally: “football field pizza”)—just crust with tomato sauce and garlic, an Argentine classic sold at football matches, which was invented here at Angelin. The pizza de Cancha is huge, make sure you share it with some friends! This is a small place of business, so if you eat dinner here, prepare to do it in the traditional style: standing in a tiny place at the barra(counter), elbow to elbow with the other pizza fanatics.

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Adresse: Córdoba Av. 5270, from 6 pm to 12 am.

Written by Agustina del Vigo

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