• Foods for Your Trip to Salta Argentina

    Must-try Foods on Your Trip to Salta

    t goes without saying that one of the top reasons to visit Argentina is its rich and exquisite gastronomy. If you choose to travel fifteen hundred kilometers northwest from Buenos Aires to visit a place like Salta, the food will definitely be a decisive factor, as it is known all around the country for its unique, nourishing and tasty variety of ingredients. Here is a thorough selection of dishes you must try on your trip to Salta, (which is Read more
  • What not to miss on your Trip to Salta Argentina

    Places You Shouldn’t Miss If You Visit Salta

    One of the most charming cities in Argentina undoubtedly is Salta. The city has a beautiful "feel to it" thanks to its bright, unique architecture, and gorgeous views. However, the city is quite big and if you are planning to make a short visit to Salta, then you don’t want to miss out on the best places here. So, read on to know about them!     PLAZA 9 DE JULIO   If you are one of those people who love exploring old Read more
  • Salta's cathedral, conveniently located in the main square, is a must-see on your vacation to Northwest Argentina Salta & Jujuy

    4 Best Kept Secrets about Salta

    The culture and history of any place you visit are critical to what makes each new destination different. In Argentina, it's no different, especially when you travel throughout the country. Salta, a city in the northwest of Argentina, is one of the best cities for cultural offerings. If you're on the look out to unlock some real cultural experiences, these secrets are some of the best ways to discover authentic experiences in Argentina for Read more
  • What to wear in Salta Salta & Jujuy

    What to Wear in Salta

    Before heading off to a new destination there are a few things you always do before you depart. One of these things is check the weather. When visiting Salta in the North of Argentina, the weather is something to pay special attention to. Salta has a subtropical highland climate which is commonly found at high altitudes near tropical climates. The city of Salta is located 1,152 meters (3780 feet) above sea level, in the Lerma Valley. Read more
  • Salinas Grandes - Jujuy - Argentina Argentina

    5 Things You Can’t Miss in Salta, Argentina

    Located in the Northwestern region of Argentina, Salta has emerged as a famous tourist attraction over the past years. Best described as a fusion of modern and traditional culture, this eclectic city has developed to cater to tourists but has also managed to preserve its historical architecture and culture more than any other Argentine city! What renders this city its charm is that while it has progressed, it still maintains its slow paced vibe. Read more
  • Salta & Jujuy Tours, Argentina, Say Hueque (38) Salta & Jujuy

    The Most Beautiful Destinations in Salta

    Known for its sophisticated appeal, the region has become a favorite among curious travelers from around the globe due to its natural beauty, historic architecture, excellent weather and welcoming demeanor. It also boasts a plethora of attractions to keep visitors busy, regardless of age of interests, including world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, quaint cafés, and live musica folkloria. [caption id="attachment_2205" align="alignnone" Read more
  • Visit Dique Cabra Corral for outdoor activities like speed boating and bungee jumping Salta & Jujuy

    Things to Do in Salta: Outdoor Activities in Salta

    Some of the biggest draws to visitors to Northwestern Argentina are not only the quaint colonial towns, but the numerous outdoor activities in Salta and the surrounding provinces. Of the limitless things to do in Salta, a great number of them are focused on the great outdoors. There is a wide range of options for all visitors, from relaxed hikes to fear-defying hang-gliding. Horseback riding, canoeing, trekking, 4×4 safaris, and cave Read more
  • What Not To Miss on your Trip to Salta Salta & Jujuy

    What Not to Miss on Your Trip to Salta

    History, gastronomy, nature, culture, ecology, adventure… It doesn’t matter what you prefer as a traveler: at the very top of Argentina, to the west, awaits a province that can offer you almost everything. Yes, I’m speaking about Salta. Despite being 1,500 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, there’s hardly another province in the country where you have so many possibilities, and where you can especially enjoy its customs, its food and Read more
  • Experience Culture on Salta Vacations Argentina

    5 Ways to Experience Culture on Your Salta Vacations

    Fifteen hundred kilometers northwest from Buenos Aires, sharing its borders with six provinces and three countries, and harboring up to five different climates, stands the unique province of Salta: one of the best examples of the Latin American mixture in the whole country. [caption id="attachment_3829" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Salta is an outdoor lover's paradise![/caption] Squeezed between huge mountains rises its capital of the Read more
  • Iglesia San Francisco Salta & Jujuy

    Recommended Things to do in Salta’s Historic Capital City

    If you are planning on travelling to northwest Argentina, you are bound to spend at least a few days in the city of Salta. Capital of the Salta province and one of the largest cities in the entire region, there are plenty of things to do in Salta. The charming colonial town is filled with history, culture, and surrounded by breathtaking views of northwest Argentina landscape. From authentic restaurants to traditional art museums, you will never Read more
  • Salta Dance Traditions: The chacarera is a folk dance performed in couples Culture

    Salta Dance Traditions

    Northwestern Argentina can seem like its own world in comparison to other provinces in Argentina. The local culture is greatly infused with indigenous heritage that can be seen in food, dress, and traditional song and dance. Salteños, the people of Salta, love to attend folk concerts called peñas to dance to criolla music, a blend of colonial Spanish and native influence. The music is a combination of Spanish rhythm and music with lyrics taken Read more
  • Salta is known for its distinct cuisine. Seen here are two typical dishes: empanadas salteñas and humita Salta & Jujuy

    Recommended Salta Restaurants

    Trying out local cuisine is a great way to discover the local traditions and customs of a new place. The northwestern region of Argentina has its own distinct cuisine, a combination of locally grown ingredients and flavors commonly associated with other South American countries like Bolivia and Peru. The cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors and incorporation of indigenous cooking. [caption id="attachment_5606" align="aligncenter" Read more