4 Family Trip Ideas in South America

When the kids are out of school, it is the perfect time for your family to reconnect and discover an incredible part of the world during your annual family vacation. Instead of road tripping or heading to the beach, consider heading to South America for the adventure of a lifetime.

There are so many things to see in do in this region of the world that we couldn’t help, but write about a few of our favorites:

The picturesque streets of Colonia, Uruguay

The picturesque streets of Colonia, Uruguay

Buenos Aires and Uruguay

Buenos Aires is often times considered the Paris of South America because of the incredible cultural diversity, but also because of some of the european influenced architecture found in the more prestigious neighborhoods.

Discover the different facets of this eclectic city with your family as you retrace history wandering around town. When the rush of the city seems to be too overpowering, hop on board a ferry and discover Argentina’s neighbor: Uruguay.

The whole family will enjoy getting a taste of two countries in the continent, and you will have peace of mind with this easy border crossing that every family can do. In Uruguay, you can discover the colonial roots of this eastern country by exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a 40 minute ferry away from Buenos Aires.

Top Tropical Vacations: Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Is your family a fan of the movie Rio?

Recreate the animated movie on your next family vacation. The main attractions of the city are fun for a family that has kids of any age because of the incredible opportunities. Picture you and your family riding a cable car up the mountain or stopping to take in the gigantic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Rio is so much more than just a year-round tropical beach town, but when you need to slow down. Take the family to discover some of the world class beaches that make Rio famous. When you want to trade in the city and beaches, head to the urban tropical forest that is found in Rio and makes this city one of the most unique in the world because of the close proximity to nature.

Plan South America Family Vacations with Say Hueque

Iguazu Falls is located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. You may need to pay a fee for both countries.

Iguazu and Ibera

If your family isn’t quite the city slicker type, discover a more removed part of South America by visiting the Ibera Wetlands in Argentina, which can easily be combined with a visit to the wonder of the world, Iguazu Falls.

The Ibera Wetlands is fun for the whole family with so many different animals that you will never know what you will see next. This natural reserve has been preserved by the late owner of the North Face and now is being converted into a National Park thanks to his widow.

To really make the most of your trip, take your family to both the Argentine and Brazilian side of the falls. The power and force of the Parana River falling on the border of two giants of South America is truly an amazing experience.


Is the ideal vacation for your family involve snow? Trade in the tropical beaches, monkeys and parrots for snow and mountains.

Enjoy world class skiing in the Andes Mountains in the city of Mendoza in Argentina. This is also where you can find Aconcagua, the largest mountain in the world found outside of the Himalayan Mountain range.

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