10 Helpful Tips to know Before Hiking Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine is one of the most famous treks in South America. The shortest trail is called the W circuit which takes 4 nights, 5 days to complete. However, the trek has taken many seasoned trekkers by surprise because they were not prepared for some of the things encountered on the trail. But you don’t need to worry if you follow the tips listed below:

Top South America Destinations: Torres del Paine, Chile

1.Clothing plays a huge role in your hiking experience because of how it affects your comfort level. When hiking Torres Del Paine, make sure your attire is suitable for the activity. Pack two or three pairs of thick socks, buy leggings and quick-dry tops. Also, don’t forget hiking poles, even though they are not exactly clothing material, they will be a huge help on your trek.

2. Pack light: pretend you´re in survival mode. All you need is food, sleeping bag, atent, water, and a trash bag. Anything else will be extra weight, and slow you down. Pro tip: There’s an essential in-park hostel called Refugio that offers tents, hot showers, and food to offer you a little bit of comfort on your hike.

3. While the beautiful views of Torres Del Paine will blow you away, the winds in the region will do a better job of it, quite literally too. These winds travel at 100 kph (that´s more than 60mph) and while it makes it difficult for you to walk, it will actually blow away your lightweight rucksack covers. Beside the wind, weather can offer rain too, so be sur to bring a waterproof bag so that all your things do not get wet. Most of all, remember that a sturdy tent will go a long way.


4. The early bird catches the worm, even while hiking Torres Del Paine. You must be early if you want to enjoy an interrupted hike without waiting for hours in a line to fill out a mandatory form.

5. Don’t be sacred if you are hiking for the first time. This tip will save you from loads of unnecessary worrying and stressing. Torres Del Paine’s hike is simple and trouble-free with it’s mostly even landscape and clear paths. As long as you are dressed in right clothes, and carrying the size pack, this trek will be enjoyable.

6. We cannot stress enough how good hiking boots are critical. Never compromise on the quality of your hiking boots, and definitely make sure they are not broken. Your hiking experience is directly related to the quality of your hiking boots.

7. Follow the trail and you’ll never get lost. If you want to hike on your own pace, with your own group of friends and family, then don’t hesitate to leave the group, just make sure you follow the trail. It’s nearly impossible to get lost, and even if you do, there are bound to be other hikers on the trail to help you out.

8. You don’t have to hike and leave. If you are not in the mood to head back then enjoy the night camping at pehoe, or walk to the Salto Grande waterfall and you could even join a wildlife tour.

Getting to Torres del Paine & this view just got easier

9. Keep in mind when you´re hiking or camping through any natural expanse, to clean up after yourself in the leave no waste fashion. When you are in the other parts of the world, mingling with people from the world over, you are representing everything you came from. Make sure you bother no one, and respect the place by leaving no traces behind.

10. And at last, don’t be surprised when Patagonia takes your breath away when you actually get to witness the beauty because the pictures never do it justice.

And in the end, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you decided to brave this trek. The scenic views, the experience, and the friends you make along the way make every step worth it.

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