Visit Argentina: Best Souvenirs to Bring Home (and where to find them!)

An international trip is never complete unless you bring something back to remember your time there. Souvenirs or it didn’t happen! When you visit Argentina, you’ll want more than just your memories to remind you of the country, its history, its landscapes, its food, and it’s beautifully passionate culture. No matter if you visit the rural land of the gauchos, the Patagonian mountains, or the vibrant, sophisticated city of Buenos Aires, you’ll find a special souvenir. Argentina is full of diverse landscapes and attractions, but there are cultural traditions that don’t change no matter where you go. Take a little piece of the country back with you.

What to get:

Yerba Mate Argentina Drinks

For one, you can find Argentines drinking traditional yerba mate almost anywhere. You don’t have to look hard to spot people sipping from mates anywhere from parks with friends, to professional office settings. Argentinians are sure to bring their mate and thermos to every occasion. This widespread popular Argentine tradition makes the country unique. To share a mate symbolizes friendship and community. What better and more unique gift could you bring back for a friend? In order to drink it like a true Argentinian, you’ll need to get a mate or the cup, bombilla or metal straw, yerba or the actual tea leaf, and maybe a thermos for your hot water.

Outdoor Market Buenos Aires Yerba Mate

Dulce de Leche
This incredibly sweet spread is a staple of most Argentinians diets. It’s like caramel, but ten times better. They put it on pretty much everything, from bread to fruit. When you visit Argentina, walk into a confeteria and you will see that probably half of the pastries include dulce de leche. It gets better. Alfajores are traditional Argentinian dessert cookies made with dulce de leche. Two cookies held together by a generous amount of dulce de leche, and then sometimes covered in chocolate. These are a great treat to bring home with you… if you don’t eat them all before you get back!

Visit Argentina: Best Souvenirs to Bring Home (and where to find them!)

Fútbol Jersey

If you decide to visit Argentina, the moment you arrive, you will see just how important fútbol, or soccer is to the culture. Soccer is a religion. Professional players are the biggest celebrities in Argentina. On game days every cafe, bar and restaurant is full of fans with their eyes glued to the game. Even if you don’t make it to a River vs. Boca clasico game, you can buy a jersey to fit in and to bring back home. The real question, are you for Boca or River? To find a soccer jersey, head to any sports store like Adidas.

Where to go:

In almost every main plaza of every city or pueblo in Argentina, you can find ferias, or markets with artisanal goods. At these markets, you can talk to local vendors and purchase hand-crafted mates, an array of leather goods, and homemade dulce de leche and alfajores. Artists and vendors will vary from feria to feria, but you are sure to find these classic souvenirs at all of them. Leave some extra suitcase for all the things you will want to buy when you visit Argentina.

Mate Argentina Drinks

Some of the biggest markets in and around Buenos Aires include:

Feria de San Telmo, neighborhood San Telmo, calle Defensa every Sunday.

Feria de Matadores, neighborhood Villa Riachuelo, Av. Lisandro de la Torre and Avenida de los corrales every sunday

Feria de Plaza Serrano, Barrio Palermo Soho, Calle Honduras and Serrano, weekends

Feria de las Frutas en El Tigre, weekends

Mate Argentina Drinks 2

If you want to visit Argentina and are looking to read more, check this out. Or, to see Argentina for yourself, get in touch with us at Say Hueque today!

Written by Chloe Moore

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