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When planning a trip to Torres Del Paine no doubt you will be looking forward to your visit to the 5th most beautiful place in the world, as voted by the National Geographic. Needless to say the views are staggering and the hikes are extremely commendable both for their beauty and challenge. Its national park in Chilean South Patagonia encompasses a wild make-up of mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers. The name “Torres Del Paine” originates from the Tehuelche translation for ‘Blue Towers’ due to this predominant colour that manifests itself on this icy National Park.

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Observing the jagged Torres

For the best Torres del Paine Day Trip come in the summer months for the longest periods of daylight and indulge in a full day of embracing this dry and dramatic landscape. One of the most stunning hikes, as described below, is the perfect way to spend the morning and afternoon in Torres Del Paine. It is the day tour to the ‘base of the Towers’ that so many hikers worldwide have come to adore

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This hike makes up a third of the famous ‘W’ circuit along with the French Valley hike and Grey Glacier hike. It takes 8-10 hours for the entire trip. The first 2 hours are very tiring due to a steady ascent into the park but fuelled by fantastic views of lake Nordenskjöld. Nature flourishes in this well-protected area and the wildlife is varied. As you marvel at the intense blue of the glaciers, look out for condors and owls that circle overhead and deer and guanacos are dotted along the pathsalong with blueberry bushes and wild orchids.

Torres del Paine Guanaco

A pair of guanacos

After this tough start, skirting the sparkling Ascencio river, you will enjoy an easier walk until you get to Refugio El Chileno. From here, you have one hour more through the magical Lenga forest, until you finally get to the moraine. This is the last beat, and the hardest part of the trip. But every effort will be compensated for by breath-taking views of this massive granite mountain that looms over a blue lake and disappears into the clouds above. Rest your feet and gaze at the magnificent structures of the Torre Sur, Torre Central, Torre Norte, and Cerro Nido de Cóndor.

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