Top 4 Closed Door Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Closed door restaurants or restaurants a puertas cerradas are very popular in Buenos Aires and we have selected the most excellent ones based on presentation and taste. Closed door restaurants are essentially a blend between conventional restaurants and dinner parties; it is like going to a chef’s dinner party with people you don’t know yet!

Closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires

Enjoy the intimate setting of closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires

These special events usually take place at the chef’s home, so they are usually intimate spaces. The menu changes constantly, weekly or even daily, and there is usually a rare a selection of dishes which is intriguing for many. The intimate setting allows for more personal experiences where you get to know the chef and your fellow diners. Closed door restaurants are also known for offering more creative and bold dishes making everyone’s experience unique and exciting. If you want to do something that will allow you to meet new and interesting people while eating amazing food when in Buenos Aires then make sure you visit at least one of the following places:

Closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires

Enjoy the intimacy of Casa Saltshaker

1. Casa Saltshaker

The most well-known closed door restaurant in Buenos Aires is Casa Saltshaker, a creation of chef and sommelier Dan Perlman. Located in the beautiful area of Colegiales, the place offers a five-course tasting menu paired with wine (highly recommended) which changes on a daily basis. Casa Saltshaker is founded on eclectic home cooking with a Mediterranean base. There is a strong focus on vegetables (though it is not vegetarian) and the variety of dishes offered range from shish kebab to clam chowder. Every meal has a theme, making the experience at this location always different. This closed door restaurant is Dan Perlman’s own apartment, which seats up to 10 guests at one table creating an intimate meeting space to enjoy good food and wine with new friends.

Location: Recoleta

Contact: or

Transportation: Bus line 39

Open: Wednesday to Saturday & 1 Sunday each month


Dinning table at Casa Saltshaker

2. Cocina Sunae

The best location to satisfy a craving for spices and sweet & sour authentic South-East Asian cuisine is at Cocina Sunae. By reserving a seat at this spot you will be guaranteed an impressive array Thai, Vietnamese and Phillippine dishes prepared the talented chef Christina Sunae Wiseman. Be sure to arrive there on time to enjoy the house cocktail, ginger kamikaze. The Concina Sunae’s beautiful and cozy patio makes for the perfect scene to meet the other guests. Move on to dishes prepared in rich and mouth-watering fresh herbs and exotic spices. Finally, make sure to fully savor the delicious home-made desserts such as the green-tea ice cream. This closed door restaurant is known for its impeccable service.

Location: Colegiales

Mobile: 15-4870-5506

Transportation: Subte B at Tronador or bus lines 21, 76, 87 or 140

Open: Thursday to Saturday at night


Patio at Casa Sunae

3. Casa Coupage

Casa Coupage is the closed door restaurant in Buenos Aires where the drinks and the food are equally delicious. The venue owners express a deep pride and respect for Argentine cuisine and wine, this is the place where you will find the best of both. As the organizers Santiago Mymicopulo and Ines Mendieta are both sommeliers, refined dishes such as quinoa and Spanish crab, prawn and lamb are optionally accompanied by a wine-tasting menu of seven, five or three hand-picked wines. A six-course tasting menu is usually served, however, there are also à la carte options and wine can also be bought by the glass.

Location: Palermo

Mobile: 4777-9595

Transportation: Bus lines 34, 39 or 111

Open: Wednesdays-Saturdays

A preview of what you will get at Casa Coupage

4. Casa Felix

In this astonishing Buenos Aires closed door restaurant, Chef Diego Felix and his wife, Sanra Felix, invite guests to their home three times a week for a five-course tasting menu. The menu, usually fish or vegetable based, boast freshness and originality as ingredients either come from the back of their garden or from one of the couple’s travels. The difference from this closed door restaurant is that is offers great tasting home-brewed beer.

Location: Chacarita

Mobile: 15-4147-8100

Transportation: Bus lines 39, 65 or 168

Open: Thursday-Saturday

Closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires

Dining tables at the closed door restaurant Casa Felix

Have you already made your selection of which closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires to visit next? If you have any problems finding the locations or if you are looking for more recommendations in Buenos Aires, you can always contact Say Hueque.

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