Things to do in Chile: 3 Must-do tours in Santiago de Chile

If you are planning a trip to Santiago de Chile, the capital city of Chile, you can’t miss these three experiences:

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City tour Santiago de Chile: The city tour is one of the favorites things to do in Santiago by all travelers. In 4 hours you can cover the hightlights of the city and it is perfect for those who want to take the most of their time.

Admire the Hidalgo castle and have incredible views of the city from Santa Lucia hill. Pass through the Constitution Square and the palace ‘La Moneda’, the current seat of the government. Walk to ‘Plaza de Armas’, the main square, surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral, the palace of the Royal High Court, the Main Post Office and other buildings of historical interest. Visit the San Cristobal hill for even more amazing panoramic views and the Central Market to see the great variety of Chilean seafood.

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Tour the food markets in Santiago de Chile: Discover the local flavors of Santiago visiting the most important food markets of the city, ‘Vega Central’ with its vegetables, cheeses, and spices; ‘Tirso Molina’ with its fresh natural juices and the ‘Central Market’ declared a national historic monument where all kind of fish, seafood, and special garnishes are sold. Of all the things to do in Chile, this is the one for those who love food, but also local culture.

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Central Market of Santiago

Tour to Valparaiso & Viña del Mar: Discover the quirky town of Valparaíso and stroll through bohemian neighborhoods that offer spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean. This picturesque city was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Unwind at Viña del Mar, a jet set resort of yesteryear, visiting the pier and the coastline with some of its beaches.

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