Things to do in Chile: Santiago de Chile and 3 wineries to visit

Chile is considered one of the best wine destinations of the world. With perfect Cabernet Souvignion and Shiraz, Chilean wine has became popular in US and Europe. While Chile is the 8th wine producer of the world, still most of the best wine stays at home.

Visit Chile & Discover the wine region of the country!

These are 3 tours we recommend to learn more about the chilean wine, and why not, have a sip (or two)

Concha y Toro Wine Tour: Learn why Chilean wines are rated among the best of the world and enjoy a guided visit to Concha y Toro winery, located 50 km from Santiago. Walk through the Winery’s ancient park admiring the exterior of the house, previously the summer residence of the Concha y Toro family. Visit the cellars and taste different wines of the winery.

Things to do in Chile! Explore Concha y Toro Vineyard

Concha y Toro

Undurraga Winery: Located 70 km from Santiago in the well-known Maipo valley, this winery has a modern winemaking plant but ancient underground cellars located in Santa Ana de Talagante.

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Cousiño Macul Winery:  We recommend to take the tour to this winery by bicycle – it will give you the chance to lear about Chilean wines in a very original way, by biking into the ancient property of the Cousiño Macul Vineyard. Get close to 80 year old vines, clones from Chateau Margeaux in France. See the wine making process and equipment used for it from the 20’s to the 90’s. Descend into the wine cellar and enjoy three wine tastings before returning to the hotel.

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