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    Four Argentina Itineraries for 10-Day & Shorter Trips

    'With a total area of 1,730,146 miles², Argentina is one of the world’s largest countries. It has also been declared by the WWF one of the countries with the greatest wealth and natural biodiversity in the world. Due to its latitudinal extension and wide diversity of geography, Argentina has a great variety of climates – it extends to a tropical climate in the far North and subpolar in the far South (including polar climate if we consider Read more
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    4 Family Trip Ideas In South America

    When the kids are out of school, it is the perfect time for your family to reconnect and discover an incredible part of the world during your annual family vacation. Instead of road tripping or heading to the beach, consider voyaging to South America for the adventure of a lifetime. There are so many things to see and do in this region of the world that we couldn’t help but write about a few of our absolute favorite family Read more
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    5 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

    Looking for things to do in Rio de Janeiro? Rio is truly a ‘city of contrast’. Contrary to the popular belief, it has a lot more to offer than just exotic beaches. It is defined by its breathtaking landscapes, colorful, complex culture and unique architecture. Scroll down to read about 5 must do in Rio, apart from tanning at the beach!     1.    Christ the Redeemer   A trip to Rio is incomplete without Read more
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    Top 4 South American Festivals You Need to Know About

    South Americans sure know how to celebrate a good time. The festivals, events and other types of fiestas in the lower western hemisphere can rarely be found in some other parts of the world. In some cases, it’s like the whole city turned up for the ultimate party that lasts days and nights. Not only is the whole city and country committed to these celebrations, but people from other parts of the world take part too. So, what exactly are these Read more
  • Top Tropical Vacations: Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the single most visited city in the entire southern hemisphere. Besides the perfect weather, beaches and rich culture, it has so much to offer anyone coming through the marvelous city. [caption id="attachment_8904" align="aligncenter" width="4928"] Explore the beautiful landscapes of this amazing city![/caption] If you are in Buenos Aires for an extended period of time, you should definitely try to make your way Read more
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    How to Survive Carnival in Rio

    Arguably the biggest and best party in all of South America is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. World travellers, partiers, and tourists alike flock to the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana for 4 days of sin and sun. For anyone travelling through Brazil in the month of February, you’ll surely get a taste of Carnival life. It’s nearly impossible to escape the decorations, dancing, and partying that is Carnival in Rio. My first experience in Read more
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    4 Reasons to Visit Rio de Janeiro in 2016

    Rio de Janeiro has a worldwide reputation for being an exotic, sizzling, exciting city with lots of beach life and lots of nightlife. This reputation in and of itself draws people to visit all year-round, but this year there’s even more reasons to visit Rio de Janeiro. 1. The Olympics That’s right, the 2016 summer Olympics will be held in Rio from August 5-21 hosting over 10,000 athletes from 206 countries. If you didn’t make it to Read more
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    All You Need to Know About the 2016 Rio Olympics

    You mourned over your decision to miss the FIFA Soccer World Cup in Brazil two summers ago; after all, a worldwide event that happens once every four years + Brazil = unforgettable experience. Well, ladies and gents, your redemption has arrived, and its name is the 2016 Rio Olympics. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that the world’s biggest sporting event will be held in none other than sizzling Rio de Read more