• Take an Australis Cruise to see Penguins in Patagonia Patagonia

    A Mind Blowing Experience: Patagonia Cruises

    Are you ready to ditch planes for unique boats that sail through the pristine waters of Patagonia & Antarctica? Do you feel like discovering the amazing variety of flora and fauna that cover the mountains, glaciers, deserts and grasslands of the iconic southern region of Chile and Argentina? What if you could literally reach the end of the world on a unique and exclusive tour? Learn more about the best Patagonia cruises and get ready to Read more
  • Australis Cruise Excursions to see Patagonia Glaciers News

    Australis Cruise: 25 Years of Southern Patagonia Cruises

    How would you like to sail through the Strait of Magellan and past the southernmost city in the world? It may sound like a fantasy, but it doesn’t have to be. The Australis Cruise line has been taking travelers from all over the world through the fjords of southern Patagonia for the past 25 years.  The company offers a Patagonia cruise for everyone, with different lengths of stay and a variety of activities and excursions. All of their Read more
  • Top Patagonia Excursions in Chile Other Destinations

    Top Patagonia Excursions in Chile

    There’s only one thing harder than knowing where the Chilean Patagonia starts: to describe it. As a result of the “sinking” of the Andes, the landscapes are so special, so complete and so different that it’s impossible to compare it to anything else, unless, of course, you’ve been to the Argentinian side… With more than a million square kilometers, it’s the widest region of Chile and one of the most interesting places in the Read more
  • Why Everyone Can Adventure Patagonia Patagonia

    Why Everyone Can Adventure Patagonia

    At the very end of South America awaits one of the most unique landscapes of the world: the Patagonia. Glaciers, deserts, grasslands, mountains, coast, forests, sun, snow, freezing temperatures, an endless range of wildlife… whatever! Once you set a foot on Chile or Argentina, you HAVE TO travel south, maybe even south enough that you get to visit Ushuaia, the so-called “end of the world”. It doesn’t matter which kind of a traveler you Read more
  • Patagonia Cruises to blow you away Patagonia

    4 Patagonia Cruises That Will Blow You Away

    Are you ready to replace the plane for a unique boat and sail throughout Patagonia? Do you feel like discovering the amazing variety of flora and fauna that cover the mountains, glaciers, deserts and grasslands of the iconic southern region of Chile and Argentina? What if you could literally travel to the end of the world? Here are some tips to choose the ideal Patagonia cruises for you. But don’t worry too much: we assure you that each one of Read more
  • Adventure Patagonia Patagonia

    Argentina Whale Watching in Valdes Peninsula

    The Valdes Peninsula to the north of Puerto Madryn was declared a Natural World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 and is one of the worlds best places for whale watching. Depending on the time of year the southern right whale and the spectacular black and white orca or killer whale can be seen cruising in these waters, as well as elephant seals, penguins and several varieties of dolphin. [caption id="attachment_4949" align="aligncenter" Read more
  • Express Vacation Patagonia Patagonia

    Express Vacation in Patagonia

    Argentina’s Patagonia region is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. With glaciers, snow-capped mountains and unique arctic wildlife, who wouldn’t be interested in seeing Patagonia for themselves? While many choose to spend a week or more here, hiking and exploring the region in depth, it is not necessary to have this much time. Patagonia is a destination that will be great no matter the length of your stay! If Read more
  • Bariloche Lake Patagonia

    Things to do in Bariloche: Lake Cruise

    Bariloche is the gateway to all the recreational and scenic splendours of the Northern Lake District and is surrounded by the 2-million-acre Nahuel Huapi National Park. Although cars, planes and buses are always arriving, you can escape not only by land, but by water too. One of the most instersting things to do in Bariloche is to take the scenic route into this sparkling wilderness of lakes, forests, mountain glaciers, waterfalls and meadows Read more