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    Argentina Landscape, Weather & Culture

    Argentina is one of the largest countries in South America, with a stunning north to south expanse of 9,376 km of diverse terrain. The Argentina landscape is extremely varied and ranges from steep Patagonian snow-capped mountains to tropical jungles and waterfalls. Argentina is divided into seven geographical regions, each with its own climate, topography and local culture. The wide range in Argentina's landscape allows visitors to have Read more
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    5 Things to Do With Toddlers

    Traveling as a family can be both fun and rewarding, but it can also be a huge challenge. From worrying about different activities you need to plan to all the logistics to ensure a seamless trip, being a parent is hard. Luckily, we have one of the best trip ideas for when you're seeing the world with a toddler in tow: a visit to an Argentine Estancia! We pulled together a list of what you can do at your next estancia visit with a Read more
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    Argentine Estancias with Kids

    For parents looking to make the most out of the cutlural offerings in Argentina, a visit to a traditional estancia is often the top of the list. Traveling with kids can be especially challenging, especially when you have a long day ahead and you're not entirely sure what to expect. Hopefully, this article will help prepare you for a long day out on the ranch.  When staying in Buenos Aires, it's common that you will head to the estancia for Read more
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    Polo In Argentina

    So you've heard about Argentina's craze for soccer (or football, as it's called here) but did you know that Argentines are also world-renowned for their skill and love of polo? Since the country's early days, when the gauchos (cowboys) roamed the Argentine Pampas, the horse has been an important aspect of Argentine culture. So it should come as no surprise that a sport played on horseback has become wildly popular here. Argentines rank among Read more
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    Vacations with Toddlers in Argentina

    The joys of having children are numerous. Watching them learn and grow, knowing that as parents you have the ability to shape and influence the world they grow up in, is an exciting possibility. Travel from an early age is something that will positively affect small children for the rest of their lives. They see new and strange people, try different foods, and subconsciously learn to embrace future travels. What more could a parent Read more
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    Travel to Argentina: 4 Best Outdoor Adventures

    It’s almost impossible to travel to Argentina and not be seduced by its climate, its inhabitants and its breathtaking landscapes. That’s why it’s one of the best choices for restless and active travelers who cannot stay indoors for a long time, love new experiences and need to enjoy the essence of a place by discovering its nature, its secrets, its people. If you identified with this description, here are the four best outdoor adventures Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    Horseback Riding in Buenos Aires Province

    Visitors to Buenos Aires interested in a unique adventure outside the realm of the city’s main tourist attractions now have a great opportunity to learn about the local culture through a number of interesting horseback riding excursions. Operated by Espiritu de Tradicion (meaning ‘Spirit of Tradition’), these excursions take passengers on horseback throughout the province of Buenos Aires, following peaceful and historic routes to explore Read more
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    Day Trips From Buenos Aires

    Only have enough time in Argentina to visit Buenos Aires but looking for a quick getaway from the city? Lucky for you, there are many day trips from Buenos Aires to nearby towns that can give you a small taste of country life. Although trips to cities like Mendoza, Bariloche, and Iguazu require a few days commitment, there are many shorter trips outside of the capital that can be accomplished in just one day. Here are a few suggestions of quick Read more
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    What to do in Buenos Aires in November

    As the beautiful weather of Spring settles in and the streets of Buenos Aires fill with tourists and activities, November is a great month to visit Argentina. From the celebration of the Day of the Gaucho in San Antonio de Areco to the Creamfields music festival and the official opening of the polo season in Buenos Aires, visitors and Argentine residents alike will find plenty to do this month.  [caption id="attachment_2287" Read more
  • Polo in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

    Polo in Buenos Aires

    For those of you who love Polo, Argentina is where the action is. The Argentine Open Polo Championship (Campeonato Argentino Abierto) is the most famous interclub tournament in the world and takes place once a year. It was inaugurated in 1893 by The River Plate Polo Association. This explains why, at the beginning, its name was River Plate Polo Championship. At that time, polo was mainly concentrated in Buenos Aires and the south of Santa Read more
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    Buenos Aires Day Trip: La Alameda Estancia

    At only 120 kilometers from the busy city, this perfect day tour to a Buenos Aires ranch allows you to experience tradition and history. As one of the finest ranches (or estancias) around, La Alameda offers much more than just a day in the countryside. This is a truly special day at a peaceful place by the Chascomús lagoon. [caption id="attachment_4901" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Enjoy the spectacular views of the Buenos Aires Read more