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    Reccommended Mendoza Day Trips

    You've probably heard of Mendoza, the world famous wine country in Argentina. But what exactly is Mendoza? The Mendoza region is so much more than the capital city of Mendoza. Many visitors stay in the city, but some of the best sights to see (like wineries!) are outside of the city center in the more rural parts of the province. Partaking in a few Mendoza day trips during your stay will increase your knowledge of the region and your love for Read more
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    Planning Mendoza Vacations during the 2016 Airport Closure

    Get all the information you need to plan your Mendoza vacations during the September - December 2016 Mendoza Airport closure.  Mendoza, heart of the wine region in Argentina, home to some of the most spectacular Andean landscapes, exotic thermal mountain spas and an exhilarating extreme sports hub, is all suddenly more difficult to access during Argentina's spring/summer months. Unfortunately, the Mendoza airport is set for a refurb and Read more
  • Argentina Vacations: Your Perfect Day in Mendoza Mendoza

    Argentina Vacations: Your Perfect Day in Mendoza

    Mendoza stands high on the list of top Argentina vacations, and you’ll see just what we mean when you arrive. If you’re seeking a vacation to breathe fresh air, view gorgeous scenery and forget your worries, Mendoza will not disappoint. Whether you’re a wine sommelier or just enjoy a nice glass of Malbec every now and then, Mendoza is the place to go. It’s the Napa Valley of South America. The sophisticated yet laid back pace of this Read more
  • Destinations in Argentina for Families Argentina

    Top Destinations in Argentina for Families

    This year, it’s time to go big. Maybe you’ve gone to the same camping site every year for the family vacation and it’s time to upgrade. Maybe you just want a change of scenery, a relaxing vacation or a bit more adventure. Whatever you’re looking for, these destinations in Argentina have you covered for a great family vacation. [caption id="attachment_7236" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Destinations in Argentina for Read more
  • Hiking in Mendoza Mendoza

    Top Spots for Hiking in Mendoza

    Although it is mainly known for being the cradle of Malbec grape, the most iconic wine of Argentina, the western province of Mendoza can also be “tasted” through its mountains and rivers. Forget about buildings, concrete paths, chaos and noise and get lost in the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes. Just remember to study the routes you want to take well, ask locals about any doubts or even hire a guide: the unspoiled sceneries of the Read more
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    Best Time for Mendoza Wine Tours

    Argentina is chock-full of amazing places, views, culinary adventures, and more. It seems that for every long holiday we have down here, I’m eagerly packing my bags to explore another nook of the country I’ve never been to. Whether it be the big destinations such as the snow-capped mountains in Bariloche (Patagonia), the crashing sound of waterfalls in Misiones (Iguazu Waterfalls), or the mountain range colored in red in Salta, there is an Read more
  • Flying into the Mendoza airport, you will have beautiful views of the Andes Mountains Mendoza

    Mendoza Airport

    Welcome to Argentina's Wine Country! Luckily for visitors to the home of Malbec, Mendoza has its own small international airport. Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport is better known as El Plumerillo International Airport with the airport code of MDZ. The Mendoza airport is located 8 kilometers outside of Mendoza city and covers 1,200 acres of territory. [caption id="attachment_6124" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Welcome to Read more
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    Mendoza Bike Tours

    Wine regions around the world pride themselves by offering tours to explore the vineyards. Many times these tours can be connected to local food and customs and organized as either group or private tours. The special thing about visiting Mendoza is that it is famous for its tours by bicycle! [caption id="attachment_3653" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Explore the vineyards on a Mendoza bike tour[/caption] Mendoza bike tours are readily Read more
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    Recommended Mendoza Restaurants

    What is better than Argentine wine? Argentine wine paired with delicious food, of course! Luckily, on your trip to Argentina's wine capital of Mendoza, you will be able to find plenty of both. Many wineries have built their own restaurants on-site, while other top notch restaurants cater their food to pair with wine from the region. It is a gastronomical paradise! [caption id="attachment_5881" align="aligncenter" width="600"] There are a Read more
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    General Information about Mendoza Weather

    Mendoza is an area full of adventure sports, hiking trails, and, of course, wine tours. With all of these outdoor activities, it is crucial to know what to expect weather-wise, in order to be prepared and comfortable. Here is a brief summary of what you should know about Mendoza weather. [caption id="attachment_5038" align="aligncenter" width="625"] From hiking trails in the Andes to biking through vineyards, Mendoza has many outdoor Read more
  • The Andes Mountain Range serves as a natural backdrop to Mendoza's vineyards Mendoza

    The 5 Best Mendoza Wineries

    The expansive region of Mendoza in northwestern Argentina is famous for its high quality wine and gastronomy. Wine lovers around the world fantasize about one day visiting Mendoza wineries set against the stunning backdrops of the Andes Mountains. Most wine drinkers know Mendoza for its Malbec. What you may not realize is that its best wine-growing region is at 4,000 feet high up in the Andes, making it one of the highest wine-growing regions in Read more
  • Mendoza's Malbec grapes have transformed the region into one of the world's top wine destinations Culture

    Top Wine Destinations: Mendoza

    According to the Huffington Post, the Mendoza region of Argentina ranks 4th in top wine destinations of the world in 2014. Although the malbec grape has been growing in Mendoza for the past 160 years, it has only been within the last decade that malbec wines have started reaching global recognition. What was the tipping point that poured this simple wine from a remote region of the world into the world’s glasses? [caption Read more