• Trip to Iguazu Falls What to bring Iguazu

    Tips for Your Trip to Iguazu Falls: What to Bring

    As most know, at Iguazú Falls there’s always the chance of getting wet! Because of this, there’s some preparation needed before your trip to Iguazu Falls, because it can be an unpredictable experience. With the spray of the falls spread and being up close and personal with the falls if you take the boat rides, (Great Adventure or Nautical Adventure) we give you some tips for the things you can’t forget while you’re packing. DO Read more
  • Ibera Wetlands, Argentina as seen from the air Argentina

    Guarani Words in Modern Places: Ibera, Iguazu & Beyond

    The Ibera Wetlands and Iguazu Falls are two of the most breathtaking natural landscapes of Argentina: both harbor a vast variety of flora and fauna and offer amazing landscapes. These destinations also share a rich history thanks to their indigenous inhabitants, the Guaraní, whose legacy can be seen today in the region's gastronomy, religious customs, and in the many Guarani words used to describe everything from popular dishes to local Read more
  • Traveling in Argentina has never been more comfortable Iguazu

    So You Want to Take a Bus to Iguazu Falls?

    Long-distance buses have long been the friends of backpackers and low-budget travelers. It's a simple concept: board the bus at night, sleep (hopefully) until morning, and and hop off at your new destination. The main advantage to traveling by bus is the cheaper cost. The drawbacks? The time and those horrible, uncomfortable seats. Fortunately, long distance bus travel is a very common form of Argentina transportation, and most buses are Read more
  • Argentina Attractions That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust Argentina

    Argentina Attractions That Will Give You Wanderlust

    When it comes to geography and types of landscapes, climate and terrain Argentina is about as diverse at it gets. From dry desert to arctic mountains, tropical forest to Pacific sea, Argentina’s got it all. Argentina is an adventure full of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. Rugged backpackers and family vacationers, honeymooners and soul-searchers-- no matter who you are, these three Argentina attractions will give you serious Read more
  • Travel to Argentina National Parks Argentina

    Exciting News Tidbits for the Argentina Side of Iguazu Falls

    This year, Iguazu National Park is full of exciting news for its visitors. We have re-openings, incredible new lookouts, and full-blown restorations. If you're planning a trip to the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls, you won't want to skip over this must-have info! First of all, the upper trail has been extended by one kilometer and now has an incredible balcony over the San Martin fall. From this balcony, it feels like you’re about to be swept Read more
  • Destinations in Argentina for Families Argentina

    Top Destinations in Argentina for Families

    This year, it’s time to go big. Maybe you’ve gone to the same camping site every year for the family vacation and it’s time to upgrade. Maybe you just want a change of scenery, a relaxing vacation or a bit more adventure. Whatever you’re looking for, these destinations in Argentina have you covered for a great family vacation. [caption id="attachment_7236" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Destinations in Argentina for Read more
  • Argentina Vacations: Perfect day in Iguazu Falls Iguazu

    Argentina Vacations: Your Perfect Day in Iguazu

    At the very northeast of Argentina, just on the border of Brazil, awaits one of the natural wonders of the world: the Iguazu Falls. Traveling the 1.300 kilometers that separate Buenos Aires from the oldest national park of the country (besides Nahuel Huapi, which was also founded in 1934) is definitely worth it when the “award” are these amazing waterfalls which are even higher and wider than the Niagara or Victoria Falls. Located in the Read more
  • Foods for your trip to Iguazu Falls Culture

    5 Foods You Can’t Miss on Your Trip to Iguazu Falls

    In the Iguazu region, the culture is a combination of Brazilian, Argentine and Paraguayan cultures. This exotic mix of nationalities is heavily demonstrated is in the local cuisine. If you take a trip to Iguazu Falls, these are the five dishes you’ll have to try! CHIPA GUAZU: A salty corn pie using corn on the cob, onion, eggs and cheese. The name chipa is used for several dishes that also contain corn flour, but this type of chipa is Read more
  • Bus to Iguazu 2 Iguazu

    Vacations with Toddlers – Iguazu Falls

    If you have little ones who will be tagging along on this year’s vacation, you know that you will have to do a little planning ahead to find a destination suitable for the whole family. Some spots are just not meant for a family with toddlers, as you probably already know from either personal experience or horror stories from friends. However, there are other spots, such as Iguazu Falls, that are perfect for vacations with Read more
  • Sunset at Iguazu Falls Iguazu

    News About Iguazu Falls

    You might have heard that Iguazu Falls was recently affected by heavy rains and subsequent flooding of the surrounding national park. Although this was a major event for the popular tourist destination, potential visitors should not be dismayed. Those interested in visiting should be aware that the flooding has caused some closures of portions of the park, but should not let this stop them from visiting. Now is just as good of a time to see the Read more