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    Family Activities in Buenos Aires (That You Can Do at Home!)

    With the busy lives we all lead, and the obligations of work, home, and kid's activities, there really is nothing like the build of excitement around knowing your vacation date fast approaches. We're sure you're already thinking about some fun family activities in Buenos Aires, but if you just can't wait for your Argentina adventure to begin, we've thought up some activities you can do at home before your trip even starts! Buenos Aires Read more
  • Buenos Aires Tango Festival Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires Tango Festival

    Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango, the seductive and intricate dance of passion. Tango music can be heard playing in cafés and traditional neighborhoods, and there are more Buenos Aires tango shows and dance halls than you can count. Now imagine if all of this were concentrated into a two-week tango extravaganza: welcome to the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. From August 18 - 31, 2016, Buenos Aires will host its annual tango festival and Read more
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    Tango in Buenos Aires

    The three things most foreigners know about Argentina are the importance of wine, beef and tango. While the first two can be experienced in almost every cafe or parilla, the third requires some hunting. Because Buenos Aires is the capital of the tango, there are literally hundreds of options for seeing, dancing and learning tango in Buenos Aires. Since I am exceptionally uncoordinated, I knew that dancing and learning were outside the scope of Read more
  • Travel to Buenos Aires: Perfect Fall Day Buenos Aires

    Travel to Buenos Aires: Your Perfect Fall Day

    Fall is just around the corner here in Argentina, and for Buenos Aires, that means a climate from the gods. There will be no sweltering heat holding you back from enjoying the day to its fullest, even if that means spending all day outside. Whether you have plans to travel to Buenos Aires for a day, a weekend or a week, here’s your no-fail recipe for a perfect fall day. Start early with an amazing brunch that will get you energized and ready Read more
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    The Buenos Aires Tango

    Any tour in Buenos Aires would be remiss to not include a good deal about the city’s primary cultural contribution — the sultry combination of music and dance known as the Tango. The dance’s sensual movements build on hypnotic rhythms and nostalgic lyrics (when sung) to create a truly unforgettable experience. [caption id="attachment_2299" align="aligncenter" width="730"] Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires[/caption] Exploring the Read more
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    Tango World Championship Finals

    The end of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival is celebrated with the highly presigious and competitive Tango World Championship. The Tango World Championship consists of two different tango competitions: ballroom tango and stage tango. The Ballroom Tango Final takes place on the second to last day of the festival, and the Stage Tango Final on the last day. Both will take place in the first class dance floor in Luna Park, a grand stadium in the Read more
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    Buenos Aires Tango Festival – Day by Day Overview

    In this exciting and passionate season of tango madness the city offers a extensive amount of activities which provide a good insight on what tango is all about. The Buenos Aires International Tango Festival’s activities include professional dance performances, tango lessons and clinics, milongas (dance parties) and of course the international ballroom and stage tango world championship. [caption id="attachment_1547" align="aligncenter" Read more
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    2013 Buenos Aires Tango Festival – Opening Night Concert

    Hosted in Buenos Aires, the Tango World Championship always starts with a thrilling and impressive opening concert. This event is what will initiate two weeks of tango madness and splendor in Buenos Aires. With this event the Minister of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires announces the opening of the new editions of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial (Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championship), beginning Read more