• Ushuaia Penguins Patagonia

    Penguins in Ushuaia

    A chief goal on the itinerary of any Patagonia trip should include seeing penguins in their natural habitat. Witnessing these feathery, flightless bundles of cute wandering around Patagonia’s coastal areas will no doubt make a great experience, story, and collection of photos. There are several places on a Patagonia trip where one can see penguin colonies. The main places include Puerto Read more
  • Argentina Penguins Patagonia

    The 3 Best Spots to See Penguins in Patagonia

    Patagonia is home to so many incredible animals, but one of our favorite creatures that we can find in Southern Argentina are penguins! We’re calling all penguin lovers of the world to discover these black and white flightless birds in their natural habitat. We´ve pulled together a list of our top three favorite spots to see Magellanic Penguins in Argentina. See hundreds of penguins in Southern Argentina! Punta Read more
  • Argentina estancia Argentina

    El Pedral; The Estancia You Must See During Your Trip to Argentina

    Estancias in Argentina are known to be the most traditional places to experience nature, wildlife and gaucho experiences. However, not all offer the same amenities nor activities. The modern realities of continuous urbanization and social isolation due to ever-present technology create the need to lay back, unplug, and get in touch with nature. A visit to one of Argentina’s tranquil estancias provides you with the chance to rediscover these Read more
  • The Big 5 Animals In Patagonia Patagonia

    The Big 5 Animals In Patagonia

    Patagonia is a fascinating region, widely diverse in its landscape and wildlife. Animal lovers are particularly intrigued by the region due to the huge variety of flora and fauna that call Patagonia home. It’s especially exciting to see the several species of animals here that live almost exclusively in South America. Although there are lots of different animals in Patagonia, five species in particular are “must-sees” for anyone Read more
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    Optional Summer Tours in Ushuaia

    Looking for something a little more structured to do in Ushuaia besides wandering around? Don’t get me wrong---wandering is great fun, but sometimes you want a plan that takes you directly to see the best parts of the area. After all, when you only have a couple days to experience a place, you want to see as much as you can. Tours are great opportunities to see the most beautiful and exciting parts of Ushuaia while also learning a bit of Read more
  • Argentina

    Argentina Wildlife: North vs. South

    A country with a surface area of almost three million square kilometers is the perfect crib for an infinite variety of climate, habitants, flora and fauna. Around the 3,000 kilometers that separate the north from the south of Argentina, you can discover unique nature and wildlife, composed of both native species and those that arrived during the prehistoric age and decided to stay in this chaotic but amazing land. What if you don’t have Read more
  • Adventure Patagonia Patagonia

    Argentina Whale Watching in Valdes Peninsula

    The Valdes Peninsula to the north of Puerto Madryn was declared a Natural World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 and is one of the worlds best places for whale watching. Depending on the time of year the southern right whale and the spectacular black and white orca or killer whale can be seen cruising in these waters, as well as elephant seals, penguins and several varieties of dolphin. [caption id="attachment_4949" align="aligncenter" Read more
  • Culture

    Puerto Madryn Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Welsh in Patagonia

    You may have heard about Argentina’s heavy waves of Italian and Spanish immigration, but did you know that there were other European immigrants who made the journey across the Atlantic, too? Though many different countries are represented in the Argentine immigration makeup, one of the most interesting cases is that of the Welsh settlers who arrived to Patagonia 150 years ago this month. [caption id="attachment_6108" align="aligncenter" Read more
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    Adventure to the Patagonian Coastline of Bahia Bustamante

    Patagonia. This word brings excitement for travellers around the world who dream of  adventure and the wild outdoors in Argentina. From incredible ice glaciers to countless lakes and mountains, there are more than enough attractions to offer any visitor’s interests. In a region as vast and varied as Patagonia, it can be hard to choose the highlights to visit on a limited schedule. However, one major destination that should not be overlooked Read more
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    Whale Watching in Puerto Madryn

    If a Patagonia trip in Argentina is not taking place within the breathtaking Andes mountain range, it is certainly by the sea. The Patagonian coast teems with life and is relatively devoid of human exploitation, making it a wild and enjoyable trip. Visits to the Patagonian coast focus on Puerto Madryn and the Valdes Peninsula, a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site in large part because the wild life congregates here to mate, Read more
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    Ushuaia Beagle Channel Cruise

    One can hardly consider the southern Patagonian coast without taking a cruise of some kind.The reasons for this are mainly related to the wildlife one is likely to see—sea lions and seals, penguins, whales, dolphins, and a vast array of birds abound in such quantities that every trip is sure to be memorable. The Ushuaia Beagle Channel Cruise is no exception, and yet it offers much more besides in the way of gorgeous scenery, archaeology, Read more