Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires

A tour through a cemetery may seem like a morbid thing to do on vacation, but this cemetery located in the upscale Recoleta area is a must-see for any trip to Buenos Aires as it is the final resting place for famous government officials, academics and wealthy families.

Recoleta Cemetery

The Recoleta cemetery shows you parts of the Argentine history

The Recoleta cemetery was transformed from a convent garden to a public cemetery in 1822. The cemetery contains 4691 mausoleums and the Argentina government has declared 94 of them National Historical Monuments. Among the most famous are Raúl Alfonsín (former president of Argentina) and Eva Perón (former first lady of Argentina).

Recoleta Cemetery

The tomb of family Duarte

Upon entering the Recoleta cemetery, make sure to get your hands on a map. The map provides numbers for each mausoleum that correspond to names of the people buried there. While there is a recommended path around the cemetery, it is also fun to wander around the extremely narrow corridors and see which tombs catch your eye. The tomb of Eva Perón is most certainly not the most elaborate, but it is always the most decorated with flowers and notes from visitors.

Recoleta Cemetery

Take your time to stroll through the narrow corridors

While weekends are the most crowded time to visit the Recoleta cemetery, there is a wonderful fair in Plaza Francia right outside the cemetery selling handmade artisan goods and delicious local food.

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