New York Times: Buenos Aires Travel Tips

My top 3 recommendations for a visit to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a lovely city and if you plan to visit Argentina’s capital, then I encourage you to do the following:

The world famous 9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires

The world famous 9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires

1. Get out of the “microcenter” (downtown). Buenos Aires hosts some beautiful neighborhoods that are chock full of culture and historic architecture. Besides artsy San Telmo, historic Recoleta and the trendy Canitas, check out the fun Palermo Viejo & Hollywood neighborhoods. There are lovely cafes, local designers / great shopping as well as one of the best traditional steakhouses in the city – La Cabrera. Start the feast with an order of chorizo and chinchulines, and then move on to an incredibly tender Lomo for your entree.

2. Get out of the city and spend a day (or night) at one of the historic estancias (ranches) in the countryside. Besides the horseback riding and delicious meals, there are traditional gaucho shows that include horse-racing/competitions between the local Argentine cowboys and traditional folk music and dancing. I have been to a few estancias and one of my favorites is the family run La CinaCina ranch in nearby San Antonio de Areco.

3. Go to Iguazu Falls for 2 or 3 days. There are hourly flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu, as well as comfortable 1st class sleeper-buses, and the waterfalls are incredible year-round. In fact, during the rainy season the waterfalls are often bigger and even more impressive than during the dry summer. The 2nd time we visited the falls, we timed it perfectly to do a guided moon-light walk in the national park. As the moon rose, the jungle came to life and it was an incredible experience.

I reserved my trip there with Mariana at Say Hueque Tours,, and was very pleased with her service and knowledge of the region- especially with the tip for the Iguazu moon-light walk!

(This article was origionally posted in the New York Times: Buenos Aires Travel Tips)

Sunset at Iguazu Falls

New York Times: Buenos Aires offers daily flights to Iguazu

If you are in Buenos Aires, stop by one of the three local offices of Say Hueque – Tours in Argentina and Chile and let them help you plan your travel in Argentina or customize any number of Argentina tours.

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