Where To Go Shopping In Buenos Aires

Cosmopolitan, European and stylish are all words used to describe Buenos Aires. The shopping in Buenos Aires perfectly matches those words, and if you have an itch to pick up some trendy clothes or products or simply window shop, we have the places for you.

There’s an abundance of high-quality, posh stores but also places with prices that are much more economical. In Argentina, they malls are called shoppings, so buckle down while we share our top spots with you here!

Abasto Shopping

Abasto Shopping

This mall is great for a day of shopping (and movies) if you are searching for good prices! Don’t worry about getting hungry, though: this mall has an extensive food court!
Av. Corrientes 3247

Shopping in Buenos Aires

This is a modern and sleek mall with many foreign brands. It has many floors with a large variety of chic stores.
Av Santa Fé 3253
Monday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Galerias Pacifico

Galerias Pacifico

This is probably the fanciest shopping in Buenos Aires; the architecture is stunning. Make your way up to the highest floor to enter a free cultural center with many different art exhibits!
Florida and Av. Córdoba
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm.

Florida Street

Florida Street

This street is located on a centric place of the city (known for exchanging money) and is chock-full of shops of all varieties. Come here if you’re looking for decently priced items, whether it be new headphones, a new skirt, shoes, anything!

Here is where you will find the best outlets in town! WONDERFUL prices and amazing brands! Make sure you stay in between Av. Cordoba 4300 to 5300.

Avenida Cordoba for leather

Murillo Street for leather

On this street, you will find the best places to buy leather that comes directly from the factories. Argentina has excellent leather products because we are a large producer of cattle.
Only from Murillo 400 to Murillo 700.

Here you will find our main sellers of gold & silver. There is an amazing amount of shops where you will find jewelry at very convenient prices!
From Libertad & Av de Mayo to Libertad & Cordoba.

For more tips on your trip to Argentina, check this out. To see Argentina for yourself, contact us at Say Hueque!

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