Destination Highlight: Ushuaia Tours

Ushuaia, one of most visited Argentina destinations, has it all: ski, trekking, cuises as well as excellent restaurantes and hotels.

Find out Ushuaia Tours! Mountains, Lakes & great Flora.

You will be surprised by the infraestructure, the history and the wamrth of its people. It is possible to spend from one day to a full week enjoying every day different activities. The city is also home of some very interesting museums (like the Prision of the end of the World) and cafes that give a warm refugio in the cold days.

Here a list of our favorites things to do in Ushuaia.

Beagle Channel Cruise: a half day boat trip you can’t miss to explore this paradisiac channel.


See the famous lighthouse of Ushuaia during the Beagle Channel Boat tour

Australis Cruise: A 3 days adventure that will take you to the famous Cap Horn

A beautiful sunset over the Australis Cruise ship

Tierra del Fuego National Park: The southernmost National Park surrounded by rivers, lakes and beautiul lengas and ñires forest.

Discover lakes & lagoons at these Ushuaia hiking spots

Penguin Rockery: If you like these little and cute animals you can’t miss the experience of walking with them.

Patagonia Travel to The End of the World: Ushuaia!

Ski: Visiting the end of the world in winter? Did you know Ushuaia is considered one of the top destinations for ski in South America?

Travel to Patagonia during Winter & Ski season!

Make sure to read all about Ushuaia, in this exclusive Travel Guide!

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