So You Want to Take a Bus to Iguazu Falls?

Long distance buses have been the friends of backpackers and low-budget travelers for many years. It’s a simple concept: board the bus at night, sleep (hopefully) until morning, and and hop off at your new destination. This is all while paying a great deal less than you would for a flight. So why not try to take a bus to Iguazu Falls?

You will not regret your trip to Iguazu Falls

It’s true that the distance is long…18 hours long, to be exact. And while the flight from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu is only two hours, the bus isn’t a bad option at all if you have a more flexible schedule. Argentina has a good reputation for their long distance buses as they’re comfortable, quiet, and provide you with meals. I’ve taken 20-hour bus rides in other countries where they don’t offer you anything to eat or drink: not even a bottle of water.

In Argentina, the buses are usually double-deckers, with plenty of personal space. Not only is personal space no problem, the seats are huge, plush and comfortable, and sometimes you’ll find a pillow and blanket waiting for you atop your seat. You can put all your stuff under your seat or in the overhead compartment. Another nice touch is that depending on the length of your journey and the company, you will often have food and drinks included in the price of your ticket.

Your bus to Iguazu is bound to be a comfy one

Although the ride is quite pleasant, it’s still highly recommended you make sure to get a first class seat, a cama ejecutiva in Spanish. This is an extra large seat that reclines almost all the way.

Since this is a 18 hour drive, your bus to Iguazu Falls can get boring sometimes. But, not to worry, the Argentine buses have also taken care of this, playing 3 movies before the clock strikes 12, you always have something to look at. It’s still recommended to bring your own entertainment, just in case you might not like the movies. Some buses even offer WiFi aboard, but don’t feel shy to talk to the person next to you either. Practice that Spanish!

If you travel to Argentina, feel comfortable taking long distance buses

Dinner gets served at regular Argentine times, around 9 or 9:30. The staff seems to have years experience as they easily hover through the aisles. The food is more or less the same as you’d get served on flights. The food is of reasonable quality and there’s more than enough of it. Water and Coke is always available on the bus to Iguazu Falls, and after dinner you’re offered tea and coffee. There might befree bottles of wine, and just in case the wine wasn’t enough, the personnel comes around after the lights go off to offer free whiskey or champagne to everyone on board. As you want to make the most of your money, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

The bus to Iguazu Falls is very smooth. Hopefully, you’ve slept away most of your trip and are about to arrive at your final destination. In the morning, breakfast will be ready for you before you arrive, and hopefully you arrive well rested in Puerto Iguazu.

Your trip to Argentina isn't complete unless you see IguazuIn general people are very content about the buses in Argentina, and are willing to do it again. This is exactly why we can recommend going by bus even for long distances, as the ride is comfortable and people always end up with positive experiences.

For more info on Iguazu Falls, check this out. Or to see the falls in person, don’t hesitate in contacting Say Hueque today!

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