Bicycle Festival Buenos Aires October 2013

This October 27-28, ride around the city and rediscover the beauty of a city that is often called the Paris of South America. This time, the City of Buenos Aires is pedalling for a cause. The Bicycle Festival Buenos Aires will host events around the art of bicycling in hopes of celebrating and promoting the use of bicycles as an economic and healthy means of transportation in the city. According to Orlando at Say Hueque – Tours in Argentina, Bike Tours in Buenos Aires have become increasingly popular in the past couple years.

See Buenos Aires on Bicycle

Buenos Aires bike tours

Organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, the Bicycle Festival Buenos Aires will include a number of events around films, music, art exhibitions and games for adults and children to promote the cause. It will feature bike demonstrations, mechanic and repair workshops, street art, group bike rides, and bike themed fashion shows. Last year, various conferences were held regarding new transport trends. This year, the Bicycle Festival Buenos Aires will also include a series of thematic city tours to explore Buenos Aires from the perspective of the bicycle.

See Buenos Aires on Bicycle

See Buenos Aires on a bike

Events took place in different sites around the city last year, including the Planetarium, Parque Centenario, Rosedal and Distrito Audiovisual, with free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be more information to come as this year’s events are still being scheduled.

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