• Argentina

    Argentine Restaurants Around the World

    Traveling to a different country, such as Argentina, implies tasting LOTS of new food. Argentine cuisine is a melting pot of Italian, Spanish and German influences, among others. However, it is unique in its own way. I’m sure you still dream about that tremendous steak you had when you last visited Buenos Aires, or maybe the gooey empanadas you tried while being here. So I gather that you want to experience these scrumptious Argentine Read more
  • Argentina

    Argentina Food: Fancy Restaurants vs Bodegones

    Wondering about Argentina Food? You could eat a horse? Let’s figure out where! Eating is a huge part of Argentina's culture. As a matter of fact, most gatherings, meetings and encounters will include food. One doesn’t just drink coffee, one also has to have a croissant with it or a piece of cake, with beer, you'll always have  peanuts. Where there’s drinking, there will be eating as well. Bodegones are the perfect example for this. Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    The ‘Secret’ Closed Door Restaurants of Buenos Aires

    Imagine walking into a stranger’s home and sitting down for dinner. And rather than being pushed out by the residents, being treated like royalty and served a full course meal instead. Sounds weird, right? But this is a typical culinary experience in Buenos Aires. Known as "Restaurant  A puertas cerradas" ‘the closed-door restaurants’, there are chefs interspersed throughout the city who will willingly make an elaborate and delicious Read more
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    Best New Restaurants in Buenos Aires

    Food has always been a vital attraction for visitors traveling to Argentina’s capital. Buenos Aires is a microcosm of cultures, a wonderful amalgamation of French, Italian and Old World influences. This aspect is reflective in its food, a huge attraction for foodies from all over the world. No matter what appeals to your taste buds, this vibrant city has something to fill the plates of everyone! To prove this point, let’s take a look at some Read more
  • Vegetarian in Buenos Aires Argentina

    Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

    The heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a city that has been renowned for having the “best steaks in the world” and for the longest time, this flamboyant city was off radar for vegetarians due to the lack of vegetarian friendly options in the restaurants there. However now, the tides have turned. Now, Buenos Aires offers some of the trendiest vegetarian eateries. In fact, these vegetarian eateries are springing up faster than ever. The Read more
  • Crizia Romantic Buenos Aires Restuarnats Buenos Aires

    Most Romantic Buenos Aires Restaurants

    Buenos Aires is one of the most popular places to visit in Argentina and is well renowned for being a swooning city of love affairs. With its heart deep rooted in tango and passionate love, this city is one of the most romantic places on the planet. If you're looking for a passionate night out, look no further than one of the many romantic Buenos Aires restaurants. Whether you are on a romantic break, honeymoon or looking for a love Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires Restaurants: 3 Most Unique Dining Experiences

    Buenos Aires isn’t lacking when it comes to nightlife, music, art, and culture. However, for those brave enough to try something unique and more off-the-beaten-path, there are some Buenos Aires restaurants that can cure your hunger for something adventurous, and I’m not necessarily talking about the food. When we typically think of unique dining experiences, it’s easy to assume strange, foreign dishes like insects or morcilla (blood Read more
  • Recommended Puerto Madero Restaurants Buenos Aires

    Recommended Puerto Madero Restaurants

    Puerto Madero is the newest and most modern neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It was created around 20 years ago and renovated from the swampland outside of the city. Now it is the city's cosmopolitan center, with fancy hotels, beautiful parks and outdoor spaces and cutting edge restaurants. If you are looking for a upscale lunch or dinner out, here is a look at the top Puerto Madero restaurants: Economic Options [caption id="attachment_6262" Read more
  • Mendoza

    Recommended Mendoza Restaurants

    What is better than Argentine wine? Argentine wine paired with delicious food, of course! Luckily, on your trip to Argentina's wine capital of Mendoza, you will be able to find plenty of both. Many wineries have built their own restaurants on-site, while other top notch restaurants cater their food to pair with wine from the region. It is a gastronomical paradise! [caption id="attachment_5881" align="aligncenter" width="600"] There are a Read more
  • Salta & Jujuy

    Recommended Salta Restaurants

    Trying out local cuisine is a great way to discover the local traditions and customs of a new place. The northwestern region of Argentina has its own distinct cuisine, a combination of locally grown ingredients and flavors commonly associated with other South American countries like Bolivia and Peru. The cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors and incorporation of indigenous cooking. [caption id="attachment_5606" align="aligncenter" Read more
  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires Vegetarian Food & Restaurants

    Meat, meat, meat. Time and time again, Argentina has been praised for the delicious quality and quantity of meat it serves. From beef and chicken, to pork and lamb, it seems the varieties and possibilities are limitless. So in the land of meat, how impossible is it to be vegetarian? Actually, it’s not impossible at all! Vegetarianism is a concept that has been relatively unknown in Argentina until the most recent decade. However, it is now on Read more