5 Ways to Experience Culture on Your Salta Vacations

Fifteen hundred kilometers northwest from Buenos Aires, sharing its borders with six provinces and three countries, and harboring up to five different climates, stands the unique province of Salta: one of the best examples of the Latin American mixture in the whole country.

Salta is an outdoor lover's paradise!

Salta is an outdoor lover’s paradise!

Squeezed between huge mountains rises its capital of the same name, which is also known as “La Linda” (The Cute) for its beautiful architecture and homely atmosphere. However, the colonial city isn’t the only attractive region that takes good care of its historic richness. That’s why you should make the most of your Salta vacations by experiencing its culture in the following 5 ways:

Visit museums and historic places in the capital…

The province of Salta is full of architectural treats, colonial houses, outstanding historical sites and infinite museums that will help you discover the past, present and even future of the region. History, science, wine, rural life, art, technology…you just have to choose which subject you want to approach first.

Visit the Museum of Archaeology (MAAM) to see mummies and other artifacts from the Incan civilization

Visit the Museum of Archaeology (MAAM) to see mummies and other artifacts from the Incan civilization

The most emblematic places are located in the capital, where you can find the colonial tower, arches and balconies of “el cabildo”, the notorious old city hall which has been declared a national historic monument. Besides, it also harbors the museum of northern history and the colonial museum and it’s just one block away from the archeology museum of high mountain (MAAM) and the unmissable cathedral.

The city of Salta is also home to the Güemes and 20 de Febrero monuments, the majestic San Francisco church and the Hernández and the Arias Rengel houses.

Iglesia San Francisco

Iglesia San Francisco

…and beyond it

Meanwhile, the rest of the area has other original and enriching possibilities like the wine museum of Cafayate, which is destined to stimulate your senses. There’s also the natural science and petroleum museum in Vespucio, the provincial museum of arts “Quinquela Martín” in Rosario de la Frontera, which shows work of Argentinian artists of the XXth century. The museum of Salta’s rural life “Finca La Cruz” is another notable option, among many others.

Go to peñas

Peñas are popular places for locals and tourists alike

Peñas are popular places for locals and tourists alike

If you’re tired of the classic trip around museums, famous sites and monuments, your Salta vacations are a great opportunity to experience culture in the most amusing way: theatres, cinemas, concerts, expositions, improvised street shows…the possibilities are endless.

But perhaps the most interesting one are the peñas, places where salteños (people from Salta) gather around, especially at night, to eat regional food, drink wine, play music and dance traditional zambas, chacareras, gatos and malambo. No wonder it is known as the Argentinian province with the most intense and vibrant folklore. Just mingle with the locals, down that glass of Malbec and go…

Experience Culture on Salta Vacations

Enjoy a summer of culture

If your Salta vacations will take place in summer, you’ll be fortunate to experience a fun infinite range of folkloric events that take place every week all around the province. Besides their friendliness and proximity, salteños are well known for being kind of conservative, although they let go during the festivals.

The months of December, January and February host the festival of the trout in La Poma, the wine celebrations in Angatasco or Animaná, the artisans festival in San Carlos, the provincial encounter of witches in Rosario, etcetera. Although perhaps the most expected ceremony is the Carnaval, which the salteños organize for months in different places of the province. Troupes, parades, dances, food, music, tradition, endless amusement… an incomparable adventure.

Experience Culture on Salta Vacations


There’s no other secret way to enjoy your Salta vacations than to exploit every corner of the province by watching, listening, savoring and living it in the best way you can. Not every place offers you such a wide range of cultural options and in such an accessible way, especially with a capital of more than a half million inhabitants that only sleep at lunchtime. Making the most of it is only up to you.

For more things to do during your Salta vacations, check out this part of our blog. To see Salta for yourself, (or any other city in Argentina) don’t hesitate to contact us at Say Hueque!

Written by Irene Valiente

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