10 Best Pictures of Argentina Wildlife: Iberá Edition

Crocodiles, stags, monkeys–oh my! The Argentina wildlife is bursting at the seams with hundreds of species of birds, many capybaras, wild horses, even leopards! One of the most underrated destinations in Argentina is the second largest marshland in the world: Iberá, and has so much to offer. Here are some our favorite photos of Argentina wildlife in the Iberá wetlands.

Argentina Wildlife: Ibera

Crocodile soup, anyone?

A sleepy capybara

A sleepy capybara

Argentina Wildlife: Ibera 3

Wouldn’t want to get too near to those horns…

Ibera Wetlands Wildlife Horses

Anyone hearing the Rolling Stone’s “Wild Horses” in their heads right now?

Ibera Wetlands Wildlife Monkey


Ibera Wetlands Wildlife Bird

One of the hundreds of species of birds (balancing like a boss)

Ibera Wetlands Wildlife Sheep

Family of wild sheep

Ibera Wetlands Wildlife Fish

Action shot

Ibera Wetlands Wildlife Deer

Ibera Wetlands Tours

A Flying Companion

Argentina wildlife is something that cannot be missed during your trip. Whether it’s Ibera or Patagonia, you’re sure to see some fantastic Argentina wildlife no matter which way your journey takes you!

Let Say Hueque show you the best wildlife on your trip to Argentina and don’t miss our top 15 Patagonia Pictures either!

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